Alkaline Water and Gout – Is Alkaline Water Good for Gout?

alkaline water and gout

Being diagnosed with gout may feel like a nightmare, but the good news is this inflammatory type of arthritis can actually be healed – or at least kept under control – without too much hassle. Caused by high levels of uric acid in the body, the affection turns this acid into tiny crystals that get stuck in the joints. Pains are exquisite and swelling is visible. In fact, these little crystals feel like tiny particles of glass.

Gout will interact with your daily activities and can prevent you from moving or walking. A few dietary changes will most likely keep it under control, yet medical treatment may also be needed if you deal with severe pains. All in all, with so many naturist options out there, it is hard to decide on one – this is when alkaline water for gout kicks in as an excellent holistic approach.

Is alkaline water good for gout?

According to science, it is. High quality alkaline water comes with a high pH – way better than what you can find in regular bottled water. In fact, the high pH is what makes water alkaline. This number tells you the acidity in a substance and can range between zero and 14.

If the number is smaller than seven, the respective substance is considered to be acidic. If the number is higher than this value, the substance is alkaline. High amounts of alkaline water will inevitably increase the pH balance in your urine as well. As a direct consequence, it will flush uric acid in a more efficient manner, preventing and treating gout and its flareups.

alkaline water

Alkaline water for gout maintenance and prevention

You do not necessarily need to wait until you develop gout to take action – apart from treating it, you might as well try to prevent it. Since alkaline water keeps the urine pH at a high level, uric acid will not be able to accumulate in joints and crystallize. It is eliminated in a very efficient manner, so having alkaline water on a regular basis will basically prevent the affection from kicking in.

To ensure even better results, it pays off eating more alkaline foods as well. An alkaline diet should be rich in veggies and fruits – this is why vegetarians and vegans are less likely to develop gout. Compliment such a diet with bottled alkaline water and chances are you will never have to worry about gout or its painful flareups.

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How to use alkaline water for gout

You do not need to do any math calculations or count grams and liters when using alkaline water for gout. Simply try to replace regular water with alkaline water. To keep hydrated – with or without alkaline water, you should have at least eight glasses of water on a daily basis. If you already suffer from gout, have eight glasses a day for a few weeks and you should notice the difference right away.

To ensure you never run out of it, it pays off buying packs of small bottles – you can keep a few of them in your car or your office too. Other than that, it is worth noting that alkaline water will not only treat and prevent gout, but it will also promote an overall great health – ideal if you are trying to shed a few pounds as well.

Alkaline water against kidney stones

Kidney stones are often associated with gout. Leave the gout untreated for a while and kidney stones will naturally kick in too. After all, they have similar causes – kidney stones are caused by uric acid crystals too. Alkaline water for gout is just as efficient against these stones. They are usually acidic, so having alkaline water on a regular basis will prevent the stones from developing.

Alkaline water and gout

Bottom line, alkaline water for gout makes an excellent behavioral change. Alkaline water is an investment in your health – whether or not you have gout. It can prevent the affection – as well as many other health related issues, but it will also work wonders against the disease if you have already been diagnosed by a doctor.​

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