Wine and Gout – Is Wine Bad for Gout?

wine and gout

Alcohol in general has been highly related to gout. Those with gout are likely to experience more flareups if they exaggerate with alcohol, while those without it are more likely to be diagnosed in the long run. However, most tests have been performed on beer and hard liquors. When it comes to wine – which is actually healthy in small amounts, there are a few controversies that may confuse people.

Wine and gout

The truth is wine and gout do have a connection. Gout is diagnosed when the levels of uric acid are too high. Since the body cannot eliminate everything, it builds up in joints and tends to crystallize. It can affect any joint, but it mostly targets the big toe. Other common joints include wrists, ankles, knees and elbows. As a direct result, the patient experienced redness, swelling and serious pains.

Now, what is the connection between red or white wine and gout and how does this type of alcohol affect the disease?

Is wine bad for gout?

There is a connection between rose, white or red wine and gout. Thinking that you can dilute the wine by mixing it with something else will not necessarily help. Just because it is not that strong, it does not mean that it will not affect you – it is a matter of quantity, after all.

According to recent studies, it depends on how severe your gout is. For example, if you experience intense flareups on a regular basis, a single glass of wine can knock you down and bring a new flareup. On the other hand, if you barely have a few episodes a year and your diet keeps it under control, a glass will not necessarily ruin you. Of course, in an ideal case, you should simply avoid it altogether to reduce the risks to minimum.

wine bottles

Servings of wine for gout patients

Wine and gout attacks are related based on how severe the affection is and how much wine you actually have. From this point of view, a single serving of wine – whether straight or mixed – over 24 hours will not necessarily harm you. Of course, it will increase the overall risk, but a serving is insignificant. On the other hand, having a serving every 24 hours may not be the best idea, as the body will keep receiving a trigger.

Furthermore, having up to two servings within 24 hours will increase the risk of a gout attack by 36%. Have three or four servings and the risk will go up to 50%. As you have probably guessed already, the more wine you have, the more risks you expose yourself to. It makes no difference what type of wine it is or how strong it is.

Wine versus other types of alcohol

So, does wine cause gout? In the long run, it might, if you have it in industrial amounts. If you already have gout, it will increase the risk of an attack. An occasional serving every now and then (birthdays, holidays and so on) will not make a big difference, but having more than a serving can expose you to a new attack.

Most people are aware of the effects of beer and hard liquors, but wine is not to be overlooked either. Having a couple of glasses of wine one after another will increase the risk of a gout attack by 138%. Simply put, you double up the risk of having a gout attack, which is quite high. To help you get an idea, having two glasses of beer one after another will increase the risk by 75% only – still high though.


Bottom line, there is a connection between wine and gout and it should not be overlooked. While other alcohols have a worse reputation against gout, the truth is wine is a significant trigger and can be more harmful than beer, for example. While a single glass will not necessarily harm you, it is highly recommended to avoid alcohol at all if you do not embrace the idea of a random gout attack.

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