Orange Juice and Gout – Is Orange Juice Bad for Gout?

orange juice and gout

The last time you got a gout attack you probably asked yourself, why this happened to me. Is it related to my diet? In 50% of all cases, it is something you ate or consumed. In the other 50%, it isn’t.

What this means is that you can decrease the risk of gout flares by 50% if you know what to eat and drink. The explanation lies in the purines. All foods and drinks have them but in varying amounts.

If you follow a diet with a high purine count, you are at a higher risk of developing gout and attacks. If you are on a low-purine diet, the situation is completely different.

I know that not all foods are easy to explain and define for gout patients. The best example is the link between orange juice and gout. It is a healthy beverage that should be beneficial for gout sufferers. However, the truth isn’t so transparent.

Health benefits of orange juice

Before I move to orange juice and gout, I want to explain why orange juice is so much important for people. There is no other way to say this. It is healthy and it offers 15 health benefits.

For instance, orange juice will help you boost the strength of the immune system thanks to vitamin C. It will help us with digestion, an effect of fiber present. Additionally, orange juice can help us by decreasing the risk of cancer, protect our cardiovascular system (thanks to folate and B9) and also prevent kidney disease.

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Other, less-known health benefits are increased skin cell regeneration, due to high levels of vitamins C and E. Orange juice can keep you full for a long period of time and therefore assist you with losing weight. There are plenty more health benefits and they are all related to better health overall and better skin and hair.

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Orange juice is an anti-inflammatory solution which should theoretically help gout sufferers. Although this is possible, the results are minor and due to other reasons I will explain below, less-important.

orange juice

The link between orange juice and gout 

Yes, orange juice and gout are more connected than you may believe. To help you understand better, I must reveal two studies that tested this beverage with gout.

In 2016, a study from BMJ Open tested the link between fructose and risk from gout. There were 2 separate studies and 125.299 people were involved. The participants were aged 17 years and older. The study revealed that fructose can contribute to gout development.

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In 2019 there was another study conducted by Clinical Nutrition. They tested 26 healthy adults and discovered that orange juice and cola did not increase the risk from gout and they may decrease uric acid in the blood.

I believe that you should follow the first study. They tested many more people, obviously. Then, there are several other studies that claim the same thing. The second study looks more appealing to us, gout sufferers, but they tested only 26 people.

These are all the links between orange juice and gout I have discovered and sadly, there is no direct answer.

Is orange juice bad for gout?

Orange juice is not very helpful for gout sufferers and you should also limit the intake as much as possible. After all, it contains fructose which can increase the risk of gout, spike uric acid, and promote gout flares!

You can drink orange juice occasionally, one glass, and no more. It is unlikely to cause a severe issue, but don’t expect any health benefits or remedies related to gout.

Sadly, this is another beverage we, gout sufferers should avoid. Yes, it comes with 15 health benefits and all of them are interesting, but it also comes with the risk of developing gout, gout attack, and more.

There are some alternatives I can recommend. Coffee and tea are my favorites. They do not spike uric acid and they do not cause any side effects. Anyway, the best alternative is tart cherry juice. Cherries are a natural remedy for gout and the most effective treatment from Mother Nature.

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I hope now you know all the links between orange juice and gout and understand why this beverage isn’t good for you.

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