Green Tea and Gout – Is Green Tea Good for Gout?

Green Tea and Gout

Gout can be a nightmare. The affection causes swelling in joints and with time, the attacks can be quite aggressive and painful. It was alright when I got diagnosed, but attacks became more and more severe. There were times when I could barely move – I had to relax and wait for hours.

Most specialists recommend maintaining a healthy weight to overcome gout, as well as a reduction in the alcohol consumption and regular exercise. I am slightly overweight and I only drink on special occasions. Regular exercise was not really a thing for me due to my busy lifestyle though.

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Sure, I found a local gym and went there about once a week, but that was it. While the attacks were a bit less severe, they still hit me when least expected – sometimes, even in work. Painkillers worked for a bit, but I had to increase the dosage and I certainly did not want to become addicted to them.

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This is when I told myself – gout and green tea might actually work.

Green tea – does it actually help?

Green tea has been used for lots of issues for thousands of years in China. The local culture sees it as a very potential beverage. Not only does it remove toxins from the body, but it can also fight certain types of cancer and rush the healing process. Its leaves do not go through oxidation, which is definitely a plus. It maintains all of its properties and becomes more efficient than other super foods.

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If you bother to search for its benefits, you will realize it helps against pretty much everything. There are also a few associations with gout. Sure, it would not help overnight, but I thought a longterm approach would help me out eventually. So, do gout and green tea go hand in hand?

cup of green tea

Is green tea good for gout?

There are lots of articles claiming gout and green tea might work. Practically, the regular consumption can prevent various types of arthritis and at the end of the day, gout is one of them. The powerful antioxidant properties ensure toxins stay out of the body as well.

Antioxidants tend to chase free radicals – harmful molecules throughout the body – to neutralize them. From this point of view, the incidence of gout in countries like Japan or China is extremely low, mostly because the green tea is so popular.

High amounts of antioxidants will not just prevent, but also ameliorate the main symptoms of gout – reduce swelling and inflammation, especially in the joints.

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There are more antioxidants in green tea that are proven to help in gout. I will not bore you with any scientific names now, but you might have heard of polyphenols. A few of them come in a group known as EGCG (initials for their scientific names).

The EGCG group is rich in vitamins C and E and has impressive capabilities to fight inflammation, swelling and cancer.

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According to various research studies, up to four cups a day will reduce the effects of gout. It will not happen in a day or two, but over more weeks.

There is no such thing as conclusive evidence. These studies are mild and show basic effects, but they can help. I thought – it cannot get worse than this. I am already taking a fistful of painkillers on a daily basis, so implementing green tea into my diet can only help in one way or another.

It took me about two weeks for the gout attacks to lose their frequency, then another four weeks to get milder. Let me make it clear – you can never get healed. Gout will be with you forever, so all you can do is keep it under control.

How to drink green tea for gout

Get organic green tea. Steep it for about five minutes – you can also store it in the fridge if you want a cold beverage. Add a slice of lime and you got yourself a nice brew against out. Green tea is rich in caffeine, so I do not recommend it before going to sleep.

Bottom line, gout and green tea do have some connections. Green tea can and will help against gout, but like I said before, you need a daily “treatment” and patience. It will take weeks, but it is totally worth it. Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments section.​

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