Best Herbal Tea for Gout – Top 4 Options Out There

herbal tea for gout

Some people like a good herbal tea before going to sleep – opposite to a harsh coffee in the morning for an energy boost. Herbal teas are super aromatic and come with excellent soothing capabilities, but on a different note, they are just as efficient against gout – whether it comes to preventing it or perhaps keeping it under control.

Herbal tea for gout comes in all kinds of shapes and flavors. There is no such thing as a specific tea for gout. Instead, you can try out different options that provide excellent results. Understanding how herbal tea can prevent gout flareups is the first step in the process – you can then move on to preparing your favorite drink.

How does herbal tea for gout work?

There is one thing that makes herbal tea for gout so efficient. While medical treatments – such as painkillers – target the effects of gout, you have to focus on the actual causes. This is why you need to make some dietary changes. The good news is herbal tea will most likely attack the source, rather than later symptoms.

Practically, you have to work on the high levels of uric acid in the blood, as well as the crystals inside your joints. Herbal tea for gout can reduce these issues by keeping the levels of uric acid low. You can forget about those shards in your joints. In fact, you might as well find herbal teas that cleanse the kidneys – the main necessity for those suffering from gout.

There is not much to worry about even if you have already been diagnosed with gout. Most teas have anti inflammatory properties. All in all, here are some of the best options you can try.

Best herbal tea for gout

1. Green tea

Green tea is a great healthy supplement (and beverage) to add to your diet. It is a low purine beverage – ideal for gout. After all, purines are the particles breaking down into uric acid. Therefore, the less purines you have in your diet, the better. This is why you need some dietary changes in the first place.

Green tea is also great against inflammation, so it will help against painful gout flareups as well. Having anywhere between two and four cups of green tea a day will relieve the gout symptoms.

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green tea

2. Couch grass tea

The couch grass tea may not be the most popular herbal tea for gout, but it is definitely worth some attention. It is a diuretic beverage, so it promotes a healthy metabolism. It also works wonders on cleansing the urinary tract and keeping kidneys in great condition.

While often underrated, the couch grass tea will also keep the cholesterol and blood sugar low. It is a good detoxifying agent that will help against acne too. A few cups a day will do.

3. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is usually associated with a good digestion and lots of sleep, but it is also efficient against inflammation. It is similar to NSAID medications – some of the first drugs your doctor will prescribe when diagnosed with gout.

You can get chamomile in more varieties, including topical ointments that can go directly on the affected joints. The tea will also boost digestion and speed up the breakdown of uric acid throughout the body. In other words, it is a great herbal tea for gout – both the treatment and prevention.

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Chamomile tea

4. Stinging nettle tea

While the actual herb can be annoying and painful if you touch it, it can make an excellent tea when dried and brewed. It makes a good herbal tea for gout as well. Just like other teas in this range, stinging nettle is a powerful diuretic that will flush toxins out of your system. It will also help kidneys process uric acid.

While other herbs used for tea can be used as topical treatments too, you should avoid it with stinging nettle – it will cause some mild, yet painful irritations when in contact with skin.

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Stinging nettle tea


Bottom line, choosing the best herbal tea for gout is not that difficult because your options are quite limited. Some of the above mentioned teas are rich in caffeine, so it might be worth doing your homework upfront – avoid having them before going to sleep.​

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