Cashews and Gout – Are Cashews Bad for Gout?

cashews and gout

There is plenty of bad food to consume when suffering from gout. There are plenty of foods that may look healthy and beneficial but actually is another way around. Some food is also extremely difficult to explain. Luckily for you, the link between gout and cashews is far from that. It is very simple to explain and there are clear and obvious benefits and advantages you can get.

In general, nuts are beneficial for us, gout suffers and there has been plenty of research that justify my claim. There are some people who believe they are not healthy but this is a false claim.

Nuts are excellent for those who are on a healthy diet, who want to lose weight and also for those who want to protect themselves from gout and attacks. I will still cover all the main aspects below.

What are cashews and where they come from?

The first thing you need to know about gout and cashews is what this nut is and where it comes from. Cashews are native to Brazil and there can be found in countless forms. They have been used as the main ingredient for countless meals for centuries.

Cashews come in various forms and you can usually get shelled ones easier. Keep in mind that the shell contains a certain resin which should be avoided and which isn’t healthy.

Cashews also come in raw, roasted, and also in seasoned forms. Although you can eat all of them, pay close attention to seasoned ones. They may come with other ingredients that are harmful for gout sufferers.

Probably the most desirable advantage or health benefit of these nuts is the effect on the heart and cardiovascular muscle. Cashews are known to decrease the level of bad cholesterol or LDL while boosting the healthy cholesterol, HDL.

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salted cashews

Gout and cashews

By now, you may know that gout and cashews are connected and that these nuts can be consumed if you are a gout sufferer. Even better, you can get various benefits that directly target the condition you have been suffering from so long.

Cashews are loaded with antioxidants and especially with vitamins E and K. These compounds will kill free radicals that cause cell damage and they will also boost cell regeneration. For gout sufferers, this is a mandatory benefit and the one we like so much.

Cashews are also beneficial when it comes to the immune system. They can boost the effects and the strength of this protective system and they do this using zinc. Zinc is a mandatory mineral for system cells that can fight various bacteria, germs and so much more.

Are cashews bad for gout?

The next thing I want to add is that cashews do not increase uric acid levels. You can eat them almost on a daily basis and you won’t get any troubles regarding your gout. The situation is the same with all nuts.

They can also help you feel full for a long period of time and therefore help you lose weight or eat less. This is important for gout sufferers because they really have to manage the weight.

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Gout and cashews can simply coexist. If you are wondering can you eat them and how much or you are afraid that they can cause a gout flare, now you know the truth.

Which cashews you should eat?

I have mentioned that these nuts come in various types. Personally, I believe that the best option is raw and unsalted variation. Sodium can be present in massive amounts among cashews you can easily find and it isn’t bad for gout, but it is bad for your health in general.

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If you like roasted cashews, you should buy them fresh and then roast them by yourself at home. Keep in mind that this is the same case with almost all types of nuts out there. So, there you go. You saw that gout and cashews are connected and they can be mentioned in the same sentence without any fear. All you have to remember is that you should eat fresh and without salt cashews and you should roast them by yourself if you like this option.

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