Salt and Gout – Is Salt Bad for Gout?

salt and gout

Salt is the most common ingredient in the world. It is almost present in everything we consume daily, so avoiding it literally isn’t an option. While this isn’t a big issue for ordinary people, it is for us, gout sufferers. Sadly, there have been no plenty of researches regarding salt and gout. Anyway, the daily dose of salt you should consume is less than 500 mg. Salt binds with water in the body and keeps our body in balanced form. But, according to the American Heart Association, not a single person should have an intake higher than 1500 mg per a day. Sadly, in the United States, most people consume up to 3500 mg daily!

Most of the salt we consume comes from processed food. In reality, fruit and vegetable can meet our requirements for sodium, but we are simply exposed too much to all kinds of food which contain salt. Is too much salt intake bad for gout? The answer is yes and I will explain why.

First of all, avoid table salt

Regardless of the fact are you a gout sufferer or not, you must avoid table salt. It has been processed at a temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to eliminate all the benefits of this ingredients.

Furthermore, this type of salt is made from crude oil flake elements! As such, it is definitely something you must avoid. The situation is even worse if you are like me, a gout sufferer. There is nothing healthy about it and it is one of the most dangerous things humankind ever invented.

On the other hand, sea salt is a different story. It can be used freely and it is a great addition to most foods. Of course, all of us, gout sufferers must use as least amount of salt as possible, just to be safe. (Differences between table salt and sea salt)


Why salt must be kept away from a gout diet?

There was one study which was conducted in 2012. I know that scientist discovered that salt affects the uric acid levels. Furthermore, those with kidney damage are more likely to have elements of albumin in their urine. This is actually the first sign of kidney failure and it means that it is the time for concern. The same study also discovered that salt directly affects uric acid levels, due to the fact our body cannot eliminate it from the body, so the salt will bind the certain chemicals and literally cause crystals in the bones and joints.

When it comes to a table salt, it has been designed into tricking you to believe you are in taking minerals. But, when you realize that there is nothing healthy about table salt your craving will be even worse, making you want more table salt. This is possible due to the additives in the table salt which are added to cause addiction, another thing you must avoid at all cost.

Does salt cause gout?

At the end of a day, salt must be rarely added to your diet. Even better, it should be completely avoided. This refers to all gout sufferers out there. Not only that it will make your pain even worse, but it is also going to cause a lot of other issues which will have a negative effect on your health. Try to remember that salt can help you gain weight and cause high blood pressure.

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Epsom salt and gout

The first thing I will reveal here is the fact that Epsom salt isn’t a conventional salt, nor it has been developed to be used as a part of your diet. It is made of magnesium and sulfate and it is used to relieve pain, to treat several conditions and to relax muscles. As an alternative for treating gout caused pain, this type of salt is beneficial. It can actually help you relieve pain and it is more than just useful. An interesting fact is that the name comes from the town in England where this salt is manufactured.

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Treating your feet in this type of salt is beneficial as well. I like adding ½ tablespoon of Epsom salt to the batch of hot water and placing my feet for 20 minutes in it. The results are phenomenal and I actually was able to notice plenty of improvement over the recent month. Once again, do not consume this salt!

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Iodized salt

What about iodized salt and gout? You may believe that it is the best option of them all. After all, it is rich in potassium, so it should be consumed as often as possible. But, you are wrong. In essence, iodized salt is present in most fruit and vegetables, so you will get your daily intake from them. There is no need to consume an additional amount of this type of salt just so you can feel better. Keep in mind that yes, your diet must be versatile and it must include plenty of vegetables and fruit. Also, mixed diet is the best one.

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So, when it comes to these two types of salt, two facts you should remember. I personally use them, so they are safe and trusted. The first one is to use Epsom salt for relieving pain only (it must not be consumed). The second one is to know that iodized salt shouldn’t be added to your diet, you already get plenty of it.

Himalayan pink salt
Himalayan pink salt


Salt and gout can be managed together, but there are a few things you should know. Too much of sea salt should be avoided. Table salt should be avoided completely, while other two types of salt I have mentioned here can be used in moderation. If you follow my instructions, you can expect less pain than ever before and your life quality will be better. Try and you will see. Don’t forget that table salt isn’t the same thing as sea salt!

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