Coconut Water and Gout – Is Coconut Water Good for Gout?

Coconut water and gout

Coconut water and Gout

Gout is considered to be a form of inflammatory arthritis and is usually very painful. Anyone who suffers from gout has one or more of their joints affected at a time. Gout will often affect the big toe joint but other joints like the elbow, wrist, fingers, knees, and ankles can also be affected.

Worse symptoms are referred to as flares. If there are no evident symptoms, that is termed remission. There has not been an established or specific gout cure. It can, however be effectively treated and managed with some self-management remedies and drugs. Coconut water and gout are deemed to be effective ways of management. We offer you the details about how it may help.

Is coconut water good for gout?

Coconut water has been shown to contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation effects. This means that it can combat inflammation within the body. Since gout is an inflammatory condition, then, coconut water can ultimately help a gout sufferer. If the body has excess purines, you are most likely to suffer from gout. Coconut water can assist the body by neutralizing some purines that are in excess at a time, and that is how it helps in reducing the swelling that comes with gout. Eventually, this eases the pain.

Coconut water and hydration

The water content makes it easier for the kidneys to get rid of uric acid, and with this, it is less likely that the uric acid crystals will be formed. If your body has less water content, the density of uric acid rises. Coconut water provides a gout patient with an extra form of hydration.

The consumption of coconut water for those suffering from gout must be discussed with the doctor for; those with high blood pressure, high potassium blood levels, anyone with chronic kidney disease, and for those using hypertensive medication. Make sure to take alkaline water alongside coconut water.

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Final Thoughts

Gout can be a very painful condition for sufferers. There has not been an established cure for gout, but luckily, it can be managed. Coconut water and gout is an effective treatment remedy. If you have been struggling with gout, try incorporating coconut water consumption and wait to see positive results.

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