Walnuts and Gout – Are Walnuts Bad for Gout?

walnuts and gout

A gout diet can be extremely complicated to explain sometimes. There are foods that are good, bad, and some that cannot be defined. There are also foods that offer positive effects but also have downsides. So what about walnuts and gout?

You may have heard that nuts are generally healthy food that has been consumed for centuries. Scientists have been able to discover countless perks and health benefits we all like and need. However, gout sufferer has different requirements. Foods low in purines, high in fiber, and high in vitamin C are highly recommended.

Below will be a detailed explanation about the link between nuts, especially walnuts and gout. This is a simple topic where you can find all the needed information and decide about walnuts food you must add to your diet today.

Are walnuts bad for gout?

No, you can and you should consume walnuts if you are a gout sufferer. Almost all nuts, especially walnuts are great for preventing heart diseases. All people with gout are at a much higher risk of developing heart disease. Walnuts decrease bad cholesterol, also known as LDL. They also decrease the risk of blood clots that can cause heart failure.

Walnuts are rich in fiber. The food should keep you full for a longer period of time meaning your risk of gaining weight will be decreased as well. There is no need to add the obvious. Gout sufferers must control their weight properly!


The biggest reason why walnuts are beneficial for gout sufferers is still being discussed. Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are found in fish and some plants. Omega-3 fatty acids can also decrease the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, and they are good for the brain. 

The most important perk is when omega 3 fatty acids are linked to gout, they decrease C-reactive protein. The protein is known as an inflammation marker (gout is an inflammatory disease). In simple terms, walnuts should keep you safe from a gout attack. These acids should help you decrease joint pain as well. This was tested with fish omega-3 acids and not the ones from walnuts but results may be the same.

Eat only raw and fresh walnuts if you are gout sufferer

Now when you know all about walnuts and gout link, you will want to consume these nuts. If you are planning to do so, keep in mind that you need fresh walnuts. Another thing to know is that you need walnuts that are not chopped, roasted, or cooked. These variations can have a bad effect on your health so they should be avoided.

Most walnuts you will find at a grocery store are high in sodium. This is bad for your health also. If cooked or roasted, they lose health properties and can cause additional gout-related issues.

So, the bottom line is to buy walnuts fresh and eat them as they are. You can roast them if you like but avoid using salt and high amounts of oil.

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Other nuts for gout

Gout sufferers can consume almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, chestnuts, cashews, macadamias, pine nuts, and pistachios. All of these are healthy for you and will either affect gout in a positive way or won’t affect it at all. Nuts are low in purines so there is no need to worry about uric acid level.

This allows you to choose a nut you like the most and enjoy consuming it. Nuts are also beneficial for a proper diet. They are healthy, delicious, come with fewer calories, and are rich in fiber. Health benefits vary but each one is important, obviously.

Walnuts and gout

To summarize our claims. Walnuts and gout can be mixed together and yes, you are going to get various benefits. Walnuts are beneficial for your heart, brain, and affected joints. It is still unclear how effective walnuts are for treating gout, but a huge potential is present. On the other hand, there are no downsides. Try eating raw walnuts each day or a few times per week and monitor the changes. You may experience extreme benefits.

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