Gatorade and Gout – Is Gatorade Bad for Gout?

gatorade and gout

There are several types of foods and beverages important for gout sufferers. Some are beneficial, others are dangerous, and third are neutral. You need to get proper information about a particular food or beverage in order to get a better idea of how it will affect your gout. What about Gatorade and gout? The situation is a bit different than you may believe.

Gatorade is one of those drinks that are not properly tested in studies regarding its effect on gout. Add the fact many people don’t even know what Gatorade is and you can end up confused. That confusion will be a thing from the past once you reach the end of this post!

What is Gatorade?

Gatorade comes in the form of beverages and foods. It is considered a popular sports drink so we will focus on this type of product here. It was developed in 1965 by the University of Florida Gators and since then, has become a very popular beverage. Today, it can be seen in over 80 countries.

The main idea behind the drink is to help a person replace electrolytes and carbohydrates lost while playing sport under high temperatures. As a sports beverage, it is extremely popular. In the United States, it holds 75% market share and the company is owned by PepsiCo.

Some rivals of the beverage include Vitaminwater and Powerade made by Coca-Cola. In the United Kingdom, the biggest rival is Lucozade. Of course, you are interested in Gatorade and gout connection so this will be the next section.

Is gatorade bad for gout?

Gout sufferers that like Gatorade can drink this beverage in moderation. Gatorade won’t cause a gout flare, it won’t spike uric acid level and it won’t increase the risk of developing gout.

In certain situations, Gatorade can be helpful. For instance, if you are exercising the entire day your body needs more protein and more water. Your muscles and joints will need to recover, meaning the body will use more protein and water for that purpose. But, this also means that uric acid level will increase. Consuming Gatorade will keep you hydrated so it will decrease the risk of a new gout flare. In other cases, there won’t be any side effects.

You may have heard of gout sufferers who consumed Gatorade and ended up with gout flare. This is a coincidence and it probably occurred due to other foods or beverages found in the diet of a person. Gatorade itself wasn’t responsible.

Gatorade is rich in sugar and sweeteners. It isn’t a type of beverage you should consume every single day multiple times. Due to high level of sugar, it can ‘’help’’ you gain weight which can be responsible for gout. Other ingredients can spike purine intake which will directly increase level of uric acid. These risks are possible in one who drinks Gatorade in massive amounts.

Gatorade and gout: Pros and cons

The biggest and the main advantage of Gatorade is to replenish lost electrolytes. 8 ounces of this beverage will also provide you with carbohydrates (16 grams) which is very important. Thanks to this, your energy level will be increased. Keep in consideration that this was the main purpose of the beverage when it was invented. If you are worried about calories, you can opt for a low-calorie version from G Series Fit 02 Perform. Here you can get 19 calories only from 8 ounces bottle. The amount of carbohydrates decreases as well.

woman holding the gatorade

The drawback is the number of calories in common types of Gatorade. You can expect 63 calories in a single bottle of 8 ounces. There is sugar as well. It can affect your teeth. For gout sufferers, this beverage can spike uric acid level if consumed in high amounts. Other than that, there are no drawbacks.

Gatorade and gout connection is actually easy to explain. You won’t get any major benefits, but you should not expect any major drawback. Drinking Gatorade occasionally is safe and allowed for all people with or without gout. Just keep in mind that as a gout sufferer you should consume it in lower amounts than healthy individuals.

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