Creatine and Gout – Can Creatine Cause Gout?

creatine and gout

Being diagnosed with gout feels like a punch. The excruciating pain prevents you from engaging into basic activities, such as walking. It can affect all kinds of joints, yet it mostly affects your feet and especially the big toe. However, the good news is gout is a form of arthritis that can be treated and kept under control – yet, it can also come back if you fail to pay attention to it.

A gout diagnostic involves a treatment, but it depends on how severe the affection is. Other than that, it implies a plethora of changes into your diet to prevent further attacks. Your diet may not always be the main source of gout though. Sometimes, supplements can be just as problematic and can lead to problematic gout flareups.

With this thought in mind, make sure you inform your doctor about supplements when seeking a gout treatment.

There is no such thing as a magic pill for gout. While some supplements can lead to flareups, some others are also recommended to keep it under control by decreasing the levels of uric acid and improving your immunity. At this point, you might have heard of creatine already – is there a connection between creatine and gout?

Understanding what creatine is

Creatine is a chemical. It is naturally produced by the body and targets the muscles. Creatine can also be boosted from your diet. For example, fish and various types of meat are rich in creatine. Other than that, you can buy creatine supplements from commerce. The supplement is extremely popular among those who go to gym a lot.

It improves the overall energy and the athletic performance, but it also helps bodybuilders bulk up. It is perfectly legal and it boosts an impressive business of dozens of millions of dollars a year. Apart from improving the athletic performance, creatine is also recommended with medical purposes – ideal against the Parkinson’s disease or the McArdle’s disease.

creatine powder

It is important to know that creatine is a natural compound of your muscles and can be taken from fish and meat when trying to understand the connection between creatine and gout.

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Becoming familiar with gout and its flareups

Gout is a medical condition – a type of arthritis. It is caused by the intake of purines – higher amounts than normally. Purines are available in more types of foods, such as fish, mushrooms or organ meats. Once in the body, they boost the natural production of uric acid, which should be eliminated. However, the heavy amounts make it impossible for the body to get rid of it.

As a direct consequence, the uric acid cannot dissolve into the bloodstream and reaches the joints, where it gets stuck. It crystallizes and causes the painful inflammations. Inflammations are so severe that they become visible, preventing the patient from performing basic movements.

Gout is not a longterm condition, as it occurs in flareups. Such a flare can keep you in bed for days, as you will be barely able to move. It is treated with medication and dietary changes.

Bottom line, purines represent the main cause of gout, to help you understand the connection between creatine and gout.

Can creatine cause gout?

Based on scientific research, the relation between creatine and gout is fairly simple to explain. Creatine – as well as foods high in creatine – will overwhelm the body with purines – the primary cause of gout. As a result, the creatine supplementation will inevitably increase the levels of uric acid and the probability to develop gout. The same effects will target men with or without gout. Creatine can cause flareups in those with gout, but it can also cause gout in those without it.

On the same note, if you take a creatine supplement and you experience gout, you need to cease the supplementation and discuss it with your doctor.

Bottom line, there is a very solid relation between creatine and gout. Just like you research labels to find foods with no purines whatsoever, you should do the same for supplements – and creatine is highly contraindicated. Even if you do not experience flareups while taking creatine or you do not have gout, chances are the high levels of uric acid will take you there at some point or another.​

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