Gout and Alkaline Foods – Defeat Gout Once for All

gout and alkaline foods

At this point, there is no cure for gout. There are no valuable treatments either. All you can do is try to avoid getting gout in the first place. If that is impossible, you will have to lead a careful diet that will make sure you don’t raise the uric acid level.

There are countless gout diets out there and they almost all work. As I have said so many times, the goal is to lower the level of acid in your body and to keep purine intake as low as possible. They are primarily responsible for raising the uric acid levels.

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One possibility that offers plenty of benefits is related to gout and alkaline foods. There are a lot of facts I must explain and mention here, so let’s start without further ado.

What is alkaline food?

Every food and every beverage in the world is measured in pH or potential of hydrogen. For example, ordinary water you have at home has a pH of 7. pH scale goes between 0, which is completely acidic and can reach 14, which is completely alkaline.

This means that the food we eat can be divided into two main groups. The first one is the food that forms acid and they are known as acid or acidic foods. You have to avoid them! These foods will increase the level of uric acid almost immediately.

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The second group is the foods we are interested in. These are alkaline-forming foods and they literally decrease the levels of acids in the body. What this means is that they will decrease the level of uric acid as well. 

To stay in perfect condition, I recommend having a specific proportion of both, alkaline and acidic values. The best proportion is 80% alkaline, which works best for most people and only 20% or even slightly lower of the acidic portion.

I must explain that the human body does need both of these. You cannot be 100% alkaline or another way around. However, you should stay more alkaline than acidic and the best proportion is as I have mentioned.

alkaline food

Gout and alkaline foods – The link

Acid forming foods will add hydrogen ions to the body and blood. When this happens, the human body makes a higher concentration of uric acid. Alkaline foods will decrease or better said remove the hydrogen ions from blood, and this is what all gout sufferers need.

The link between gout and alkaline foods is extremely simple. Alkaline foods will decrease uric acid and therefore decrease the risk of the attack. This is basically the complete story.

When we keep uric acid controlled and as low as possible, we are at less risk of forming the crystals inside the joints and having to withstand the pain. This is the idea behind every gout diet you have seen. 

If you take a deep look into the foods recommended in those diets, you will see that all of them are alkaline-forming. Be free to use this factor when looking for the foods to eat or to make your own diet. It is effective in 99% cases, and it is safe to use even if you are completely new to this realm.

How to use alkaline foods in your advantage

You should eat as many alkaline foods as possible. They will do the obvious thing and you will decrease the risk of a gout attack. In addition, you should limit your intake of acidic foods. They are mandatory to a diet but only 20%.

The best foods you can eat are generally vegetables, especially:


Fruits you should eat as well include:


For foods that bring a lot of protein inside the body, I can recommend:

Some spices are beneficial as well. They are:

Citrus fruit is acidic, but it contains minerals that will remove hydrogen ions after digestion, hence it is more alkaline than acidic. 

Today we learned that gout and alkaline foods is a term with huge importance. More alkaline foods and less acidic foods is the key to prevent a gout attack from never happening again to you. 

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