Gout in Elbow – Can You Get Gout in Your Elbow?

elbow and gout

Elbows and gout are linked, but in very rare situations, basically, you will have to suffer from gout for 15 years in order to have a chance to develop gout in your elbows. As such, this type of gout is extremely rare and it usually affects older people. But, it may occur and you will have to know a thing or two before that, just in case.

Can You Get Gout In Your Elbow?

Our elbows are made of three bones. Two of them are part of the forearm and they are called radius and ulna. The third one is a ‘’member’’ of the upper arm and it is called humerus. It is also the largest bone in the elbow. Gout consists of uric acid which creates crystals in the joints. Precisely on the place where all three bones link each other, gout will appear.

When this occurs, you will get the same symptoms as gout in your toe. As such, your movement will be limited, the skin will be red and it may peel and also you will feel pain, obviously. The elbow will also be extremely sensitive to any pressure or even slight movements. If you suffer from one or all of these symptoms, it means that you have gout in your elbow. The treatment is almost the same as with other forms of gout. You may get colchicine or NSAIDs medications and your doctor will recommend you to take medications which decrease the levels of uric acid in the blood. This should reduce the risk of additional gout attacks.

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Bursitis isn’t the same as gout

It is important to explain that a similar condition may appear on your elbows, but it isn’t gout. The condition in question is known as bursitis. Bursitis affects small sacs filled with fluids between the bones. It also affects mostly joints that are responsible for frequent movements, like hips, knees and obviously elbows.

Despite the fact the symptoms of gout and bursitis are almost the same, this isn’t the same condition and the treatment is completely different. Bursitis will require a long period of rest in order to disappear and it is harmless, although can cause discomfort and a lot of pain. In addition, you will have to consult your doctor and ask for tests in order to determine the cause of the pain in your elbow and try to discover is that gout or bursitis. As I have explained, you won’t be able to tell the difference due to almost identical symptoms. A doctor will probably check the elbows for the uric acid levels and the crystals. This is a simple test and it can be completed in no time. Also, it is painless.

There are a lot of different conditions that may affect your elbows and cause the same symptoms as gout, but they are not it. For example, nerve compression will cause pain and reduce the movement of the elbow. Rheumatoid arthritis will also cause the same issues. None of these conditions is actual gout and each one has a separate treatment.

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More on bursitis

The next main thing you will have to know is that people who generally suffer from gout are at a higher risk of developing bursitis or any of just mentioned conditions. After all, when you suffer from gout, all your joints are compromised and you are at a higher risk of developing some of the other conditions which may look like gout. In addition, people who suffer from diabetes are also at a higher risk of developing any of these conditions. If you are one of them, make sure you perform regular visits to a doctor.

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When it comes to toes on your feet, some of you may develop a bunion condition. This is an issue which will be caused by the joint being pushed away by the smaller toe. It will cause the joint to increase its size and appear dysfunctional. Once again, the symptoms are almost the same as with gout, so you may get confused.

The solution for gout ion elbows is surgery. There are three main types. The first one will remove tophi, the second will cause fusion of the joint and the last one will involve the implementation of the artificial joint.

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SOURCE: https://www.krystexxa.com/uncontrolled-chronic-gout/tophi


Elbows and gout are more than just connected and determining is gout affecting the elbows requires a doctor check. Those tests are simple, but the surgery isn’t. You will need some time to recover and to get used to a new, artificial joint if used. But, a good this is the fact there are effective treatments and curing gout in your elbows is more than just possible. Of course, do not forget that there are a lot of home remedies and activities you can use in order to decrease the overall risk.

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