Seafood And Gout – Does Seafood Cause Gout?

seafood and gout

Here is the first and the main thing to know when it comes to seafood and gout. It must be avoided. I will explain in detail why this type of food must be off limits for every single gout sufferer. At the moment, all you have to know that it is literally better to eat mostly red meat than seafood. Sounds interesting?

Why must seafood be avoided?

An interesting fact is that seafood, including lobsters, were considered as food for poor in the 1800s. Almost 100 years later, this food became something special and popular in high-end restaurants. But, at the moment I must stay focused on seafood and gout.

The best explanation I can give you is in the study which was conducted in the United States. It involved 47.000 men and a long period of time – 12 years. The study involved detailed plans for eating of those men. Some were given more meat while others were given seafood. After 12 years, the results were calculated and they were shocking!

Does seafood cause gout?

Those who ate mostly red meat had 1.4 times higher risk to get gout. Those who ate seafood had 1.51 times more changes to get gout. In other words, if you consume seafood, you will have 51% higher risk of developing the condition in question. Furthermore, every week you consume this type of food will add 7% to the risk, so eventually, you know what you will get. You will get gout.

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Seafood will increase level of uric acid

The next explanation lies in the reason why this occurs in the human body. Seafood will increase the level of uric acid, and therefore increase the risk of gout. It is still unknown how and why this happens, but the result is accurate. The bottom line at this point is to know that seafood must be kept off the table if you are a gout sufferer. If you are scared of gout or you have high chances of developing it, the time to stop consuming seafood is even better.

I must add that the same study included beans and peas in the research. These foods are rich in purines, so they should be avoided, theoretically. But, the study discovered that there is no actual risk of these vegetables. They are safe to consume and they won’t have a negative effect on your gout or increase the risk of it.

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You must avoid seafood

Yes I know, most of you are sad because seafood must be kept away just because you suffer from gout. Well, if you understand this type of food a bit better, you will soon realize that it isn’t an actual sacrifice. Seafood is one of the dirtiest types of food there is and it isn’t the primary food of most people.

For example, lobsters must be cooked alive due to bacteria which is dangerous for people. If cooked in any other way, the risk of bacteria spreading and contaminating meat will be higher than usual and very dangerous. On the other hand, we have shrimps which consume remaining of other fish and etc. basically they are scavengers, so the next time you eat shrimps or think of eating them, keep in mind the fact you will eat feces as well! The situation isn’t better when it comes to shellfish. It can be contaminated as well and it may contain bacteria. It is mandatory to prepare it in a specific way in order to protect yourself from possible infection or disease.

One way or another, seafood is something you will must and you should avoid. It definitely isn’t something you should be sad for. Just remember that it is dirty and it is bad for gout and you will be fine.

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Seafood and gout are something that must not be mixed. After all, this type of food is more than just dangerous for people, especially for those who suffer from gout and it must be avoided. Of course, occasional meal isn’t something you should avoid, but make sure you keep this type of food away as possible. It is another thing all of us, gout sufferers must avoid.

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