Shrimp and Gout – Is Shrimp Bad for Gout?

shrimp and gout

Generally speaking, shrimps (and prawns) are some of the healthiest types of seafood out there. They are rich in calcium, protein, iodine and Omega 3 fatty acids. Only in the USA, the population has more than a billion pounds of shrimps and prawns a year. But then, there are certain situations when shrimps may not necessarily bring in too many benefits – in fact, their potential side effects can easily outweigh the benefits. Now, is there a connection between shrimp and gout? Should you have shrimps if you have been diagnosed with gout?

How to determine the right foods for gout sufferers

There are a few different considerations when planning your gout diet and most of these factors have something to do with the purines in the diet. The purine content is the factor that determines whether or not certain foods are suitable for gout sufferers.

Purines are naturally found in most of your cells – as well as the food you have. But then, different foods have higher amounts of purines than others. The metabolic process breaks purines down and turns them into uric acid, which is then eliminated. Gout occurs when there is too much uric acid inside the body and cannot be eliminated – the affection is known as hyperuricemia and represents the main cause of gout.

The more purines you have, the higher the risk of gout becomes – simple as that.

The connection between shrimp and gout

Now, is shrimp high in purines? As you look up online, you will find different tables and standards, but they do not always match. Despite these different numbers, shrimps are normally considered to be high in purines. For instance, they can bring in over 200mg of uric acid for 100g of food. There are more species of shrimps out there and each of them brings in a different number. Some of them – for example, the oriental shrimp – is known to bring in over 300mg of uric acid over the same quantity of food.

Is shrimp bad for gout?

Shrimps are associated with gout – along with red meat and alcoholic beverages like beer. Opposite to shrimps, a high consumption of dairy items – such as cheese or milk – will decrease the risks of uric acid. To be perfectly safe, you should avoid high purine foods at all. However, moderate amounts of purines every now and then are normally considered safe – especially if the source is based on vegetables, rather than animal products.

Some may believe that a few shrimps every now and then will not necessarily trigger gout attacks – indeed, they will not. But those who have experienced gout before are likely to trigger it again, so it is better to avoid shrimps at all.

An acute purine intake

An acute – or random – purine intake will significantly increase the risk of recurring gout attacks. In fact, the incidence goes up to 500%. Avoiding such foods will keep sufferers on the safe side – this is why most specialist doctors will also recommend some lifestyle and dietary changes to those who suffer from gout.

Those who have never experienced gout may believe that having shrimps is still alright – only a misconception. The more shrimps you eat, the more you expose yourself to developing gout. Simply put, you do not have to wait until you get gout in order to make some healthy changes in your lifestyle – do it early and try to prevent the affection instead, especially if your parents have already had it. There is a 20% chance you may have it as well at some point.

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As a short final conclusion, there is obviously a connection between shrimp and gout. As a matter of fact, most seafood is associated with the development of gout, as well as recurring gout attacks in those who have already been through this affection before. Along with red meat and beer (as well as other alcoholic beverages), shrimps are some of the most significant factors in the gout development. No matter how much you love seafood, dietary changes are mandatory for a healthy lifestyle.

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