Fish Oil and Gout – Can Fish Oil Cause Gout Attack?

fish oil and gout

Gout can be a nightmare once you are diagnosed with it. The problem is most people fail to realize how excruciating those pains are until they actually kick in. No one bothers to check the levels of uric acid in their body and no one really cares about it until it strikes. All in all, the affection will cause disturbing painful sensations, as well as visible inflammation that will certainly interfere with your lifestyle.

Gout affects joints, but mostly around your feet. It tends to affect the big toe. Too much uric acid in the body simply cannot be eliminated, meaning it cannot be broken down. At this point, it will build up around joints and crystallize, leading to the well-known pains. The good news is gout is the only type of arthritis that can actually be cured. Apart from medication, you will need to make significant changes to your diet.

Your diet

When it comes to your diet, there will be certain foods that you cannot eat – or at least reduce the amounts. Avoid foods rich in purines, as they are directly responsible for the secretion of uric acid. On the same note, you will have to focus on other foods that help reduce the uric acid. The changes will not be major, but this is the way to go forward – the way to overcome gout.

Now, some foods cause a bunch of controversies, such as fish related stuff. Fish is normally contraindicated when it comes to gout because it is rich in purines. But on the other hand, fish oil is recommended by numerous doctors. Where is the catch then? Is there a connection between fish oil and gout?

fish oil in capsules

Fish and gout

If a doctor recommends eating fish to overcome gout, you might want to get a second and third opinion as well. There are no doubts about it – fish is rich in purines and purines will cause gout flareups. Purines are most commonly found in the meat of small fish, but large fish will also expose your body to a plethora of risks.

Apart from fish, most types of meat can cause similar effects. Therefore, most specialists recommend avoiding meat and fish at all. Having small amounts will not really help against gout, as you still get a decent purine intake. Therefore, your best bet is to become vegetarian – save yourself and the planet as well.

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Can fish oil cause gout attack?

Highly purified and molecularly distilled fish oil is not rich in purines. From this point of view, fish oil will not affect your issues – in fact, it will help against the production of uric acid, so it is actually recommended.

You can have fish oil in a few different ways. You can get it by eating fish, which is contraindicated. The benefits will not outweigh the potential reactions. Then, you can also buy fish oil supplements, as chances are you do not have the tools and education to extract pure fish oil from fish. Focus on DHA and EPA – two fatty acids in fish oil.

Healthy people should have more than two grams of these fatty acids on a daily basis. On the other hand, those with gout, arthritis or autoimmune issues should have three to six grams. You do not need to get everything in one go. Instead, divide the amount over the three main meals of the day or throw some oil in your salads.

To properly define the connection between fish oil and gout, make sure you invest in pharmaceutical grade supplements. You need to know what you are getting. Also, you should know that fish oil will reduce the cholesterol, which will thin your blood. If you have bleeding problems, talk to your doctor first.


In conclusion, fish oil and gout will work wonders together. While fish is not recommended for gout, fish oil is great against uric acid. Make sure you get it from a reliable source and it has the main fatty acids you require – DHA and EPA. It has to be distilled to ensure it is pure.

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