Gout And Red Meat – Does Red Meat Cause Gout?

red meat and gout

A gout attack can last between 3 and 10 days. Mine attacks last around 7 days and it is the feeling I want to eliminate as much as possible. I believe you want the same, so you are reading this.

Gout diet is simple. There are three main groups of foods and beverages. The first group of foods you can eat. These include fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, and herbs. Most of my diet consists precisely of these things.

The second group of foods you must avoid at all cost. They include organ meats, fish, sugary beverages and seafood in general.

There is a gray area here. These are the foods you can eat in moderation. If you like fish, you can eat salmon, it is the best option. You can eat meat as well but in moderation and only specific types. So, what about gout and red meat?

A few things you didn’t know about red meat

Red meat refers to all meat products that have a bright red color when raw and they get dark color when prepared. This is a type of meat that can come from poultry, beef, pork and etc.

Red meat is rich in vitamin B12, zinc and also iron. It is also rich in cartanine that can increase the risk of a heart attack. As you can see, there isn’t just one part of the story.

One, an interesting fact is that red meat of beef that was grass-fed only is leaner and therefore a much better choice or alternative. Grain-fed beef isn’t that good and it should be more avoided if possible. You should look for organic beef if you like this type of red meat.

red meat

Gout and red meat – Are there any effects?

Gout diet is based on the intake of purines, nutrients, and toxins. As you can imagine, you need most of the nutrients, but you must avoid toxins and keep purines at control.

Purines are directly connected with the uric acid. More purines, mean a higher level of uric acid and this means a higher risk from a gout attack. What about red meat?

A good thing is that it is average when it comes to purines. A bad thing is that it has them more than foods I normally recommend to become a part of the gout diet. Gout and red meat are partially linked in this case scenario.

Red meat contains 100mg of purines per 100 grams. This is average and it may vary such as 80 mg of purines, but cannot be generalized. What this means is that you can consume it in moderation each week, but not to indulge as much as you would like.

Gout and red meat have been tested and checked in countless studies and medical trials and I read all of them. The point is the same as I have explained earlier.

Does red meat cause gout?

If you are a gout sufferer and you really want to eat red meat, you can. But, make sure that you eat no more than 115-170 grams or 4-6 ounces of red meat per week. You can prepare it with vegetables and drink only water after you are done eating.

This obviously refers to red meat only. I must point out that organ meat and also fish do not comply with these facts. Organ meat and fish are loaded with purines and chemicals that you should avoid. This is especially the case with organ meat. It is loaded with toxins and It should be avoided at all costs.

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The best types of red meat you can consume are poultry (my favorite), pork and beef. If possible, limit your intake to poultry only. It is the best of the three and it contains fewer calories than any other meat type. Today I have explained all the links between gout and red meat. As you were able to see, yes, they can be mixed together, but in moderation and you will need to keep your eye on the amount of red meat you eat. Limit it as much if possible, or even better, don’t eat it at all.

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