Chicken And Gout – Is Chicken Bad For Gout?

should you consume chicken if you suffer from gout?

Chicken is one of the best meats on the planet and we all know that. It is rich in protein and 4 ounces of it will provide 35 grams of protein, which is just great. It is also rich in proteins such as B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, and B12. I also know that chicken has numerous benefits to the overall health. It is the healthiest type of meat out there so it isn’t a coincidence why so many athletes and those who care about their health consume this meat.

Furthermore, chicken is rich in minerals and it has a positive effect on the liver and kidneys, which is more than just beneficial for gout patients. But, as a gout sufferer, I know something more which must be taken into account. Now, I will share it with you.

Is chicken good for gout?

The shortest answer I can give you is yes, chicken and gout can be mixed together. This meat is more than just beneficial for all gout sufferers, due to the fact it helps protect bones, teeth and fights arthritis. As such, I must recommend eating chicken to all gout patients. Of course, there are a lot of additional things you will know. In general, the chicken will protect your body from numerous diseases and give you a lot of health benefits.

One ingredient which is present in chicken is homocysteine and it has a positive effect on preventing many, heart diseases.

Most of the gout sufferers have reported that chicken made their life better. It is beneficial and more than just healthy, but in a nutshell, it has a positive effect on the body parts which are affected by gout.

Here I will also point out that chicken should be consumed if you suffer from gout. It isn’t a type of meat you should eat, but rather something you must eat if you are looking for a way to make all the symptoms less severe.

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Chicken is rich in purines so keep that in mind

Yes, chicken is beneficial for all gout patients, but on the other side of a story, it must be consumed in moderation. The main reason is in the fact this meat is rich in purines. As a matter of fact, it is more than just rich in this ingredient which is the number one cause of gout.

I know that chicken breast has 175 mg or purines per 100 grams. Chicken legs have 110 mg of purines per 100 grams. Other parts of a chicken are rich in purines as well. The range starts at 110 mg and may reach 175 mg of purines. Of course, all of this refers to the meat which is with the skin.

All gout patients must know that the skin must be removed from the meat before consumed. It is the least healthy part of a chicken, and as such, it should be removed.

Avoid fried chicken

I will also have to add the fact that you must avoid fried chicken. Always boil, roast, grill or bake chicken before eating. Fried chicken isn’t good for you and if you already suffer from gout, chances are high that you will get even more side effects.

A good thing is that there are a lot of meals which include chicken without skin, but they are extremely delicious and healthy. As a matter of fact, most meals come with this benefit, so it isn’t difficult to get one which has it all.

Try to remember that strong sauces and additions to the chicken are not great in this case scenario. Avoid them as well and you will definitely get the highest number of benefits from the chicken meat. Of course, if you must have it, consume sauces in moderation.

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fried chicken is bad for gout

Consume in moderation

Try to limit chicken meat consumption once or twice per a week. More than that isn’t great and may cause a variety of issues. On the other hand, if you are addicted to meat, it is better to consume it with fish or with vegetable than to base the entire diet on meat only.

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When it comes to the parts of the chicken which should be consumed the most, I must add that chicken breasts are the best. They have the highest value of proteins and important ingredients and the amount of purines is relatively low. As such, always consume chicken breasts rather than legs or wings. In addition, you know that you will have to remove the skin from the meat.

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Organic chicken meat is the best and highly recommended

Chicken and gout can be placed in a single equation, but there are some differences here. Most chickens are grown for meat only in special facilities. This meat isn’t great. As a matter of fact, for all gout patients, it must be avoided. I will recommend you to always purchase organic chicken meat. (Organic Vs. Non-Organic Chicken article)

Those chicken are free to roam in the yard all day long. By doing this, they develop their muscles, more which is basically meat you eat. They are also capable of eating healthier food which can be found in nature and they are grown in a different way, in general. Basically, they are kept away from harmful ingredients, so their meat is much healthier.

In order to get an idea which meat comes with this benefit, pay attention to the ‘’pasture-raised’’ label. It means that the chicken was raised on the pasture, obviously, which brings you all the benefits I have mentioned recently.

chicken and gout

Furthermore, this meat is free from toxins and from ingredients which are not great for gout sufferers. Believe or not, I consume only this type of meat and yes, I consume chicken breast only. I must say that my overall health is improved and gout symptoms are kept under a control.

If you are following my advice exactly as I said you will get all the benefits form chicken meat, but not a single drawback. Of course, organic chicken meat is definitely the main choice to consider.

The final word

Chicken and gout can be paired and there won’t be any complications. But, keep in mind that chicken breast is the best part of a chicken to consume and always remove the skin. Furthermore, fried chicken must be avoided. Bake, grill or roast it and you will get the highest number of benefits. The last but far from the least, organic chicken meat is the best choice for all gout sufferers. I know, because I tried it and I must say that I am more than just happy for the benefits organic chicken meat gave me.

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