Peaches and Gout – Are Peaches Good for Gout?

peaches and gout

Do you know that 1/3 of purines comes from your diet? Purines will be converted into uric acid and this can form crystals in the joints (when the level is too high). Your body is unable to remove that excess acid and you end up with pain! Now you can see why managing a diet is essential for all gout sufferers.

Generally, there are three main types of foods. Some foods are beneficial (they decrease the risk of gout flares or lower down uric acid) others are negative (they do completely opposite than the first type) and third ones are neutral (they do not affect gout in any way).

It is important not to generalize foods. For instance, most fruits are good for gout, but not all. The same is with meat products, vegetables, and beverages. As such, knowing about a particular type of fruit or vegetable is essential. This brings us to peaches and gout. It is a fruit, so it should be good for gout? Let’s find out.

Reading all of this makes you want peaches right now? If you are a healthy person, why not. They are extremely important fruits to include in a diet. But what about peaches and gout? Should you consume them if you suffer from gout?

Are peaches good for gout?

Peaches should not be a part of the mandatory diet in gout sufferers. The explanation lies in the oxalate amount present in the fruit. It is very high. Oxalate is commonly seen in fruit juices and it is something all gout sufferers should avoid. When this compound is mixed with the calcium present in the kidneys, it will form kidney stones. You need kidneys to remove excess uric acid so you can see the problem here.

Gout sufferers must try to avoid the risk of getting kidney stones more than any other person. Kidney stones will decrease kidney function and cause additional pain that is extreme. This is actually the highest level of pain a man can withstand.

Other fruits share the same risk. Some examples include mangoes, kiwi, dried figs, persimmons, apricots, and rhubarb. All of these are high in oxalate and therefore share the same problem. You can consume peaches but in moderation and try to limit the intake. One peach every now and then won’t cause you any issues.

Peaches and Gout

Peaches and gout are not something you will want to mix together. Luckily, you have plenty of options available right now. Remember that eating peaches occasionally is possible, but eating them every single day must be avoided.

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Are peaches healthy fruit?

Peaches come from China and they have been with us since 8000 years ago. This fruit is related to plums and almonds. When it comes to their health benefits, we can see a long list. Yes, peaches are extremely healthy and they can provide all sorts of health benefits.

Peaches are known to boost the immune system, reduce allergy symptoms and also protect the heart. An interesting benefit is that peaches can protect your skin as well. You can apply flesh from peaches directly to the skin and it will moisture it and protect it from the UV rays.

Other benefits are also present. For example, this fruit is rich in all kinds of vitamins and nutrients in general. They can assist your digestive health and help you with digestion in general.

There are other health benefits related to peaches as well. However, these are not proven by science. Some claim that peaches can decrease sugar levels in your blood, eliminate some toxins and so much more.


Fruits you should consume

Don’t think that all fruits are bad for your gout. As a matter of fact, the aforementioned ones are the only ones. There are fruits that are excellent for battling gout. These are cherries (also known as the best gout fruit) and berries. Cherries are high in vitamin C and they do have excellent anti-inflammatory properties which makes them ideal for this purpose. The situation is the same with all berries.

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Bananas, papaya, apples, pineapple, and cantaloupes are good examples as well. You can consume them in high amounts and all you are going to get are benefits that will help you with your condition.

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