Melon and Gout – Is Bitter Melon Good for Gout?

melon and gout

The first thing I want to tell you is that melons are not as efficient or useful as cherries and strawberries for us, gout sufferers. Furthermore, there are no a lot of research regarding the melon and gout connection and there is no a lot of gout sufferers who tried this natural remedy. Well, I tried it and I want to share my experience with all of you.

Nutrients melons have

The next main thing I want to share with you is that melons don’t have a lot of nutrients. Yes, they still offer some amounts of vitamins and minerals, but they are lower than the amounts you can get from fruit and some vegetables. Melons won’t decrease the level of uric acid either. By now, some of you believe that they should be eliminated from the diet, but this isn’t the truth.

Melons are rich in potassium, which will help us regulate the sodium level. When regulated, the risk of a high blood pressure is significantly decreased, which is beneficial and important for all of us, gout sufferers. Then I will add the fact melons are low in purines and rich in antioxidants. The second matter is more important to us. When we are exposed to gout and a gout flare, the level of free radicals will be significantly increased. Precisely antioxidants help us keep the free radicals under control.

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The first thing to remember is that all melons are low in purines. They have 33 mg uric acid/100 grams which make them one of the lowest low purine foods. On the other hand, they are low in flavonoids. I mean they have some levels of them, but they are very low so you shouldn’t expect some important advantage or even some effect.

What about watermelons?

All I have mentioned previously is linked to types of melons such as honeydew and cantaloupe. But what about watermelons? In the lack of a better word, they are the same or better said they offer the same nutrients and the same values as other types of melons. Yes, the name suggests that they are rich in water, but don’t count that this advantage will actually help you with gout. It is known that they decrease the risk of prostate cancer.


Now I must explain that all melons, including watermelons, are rich in carbs. If you monitor your carb intake, you will want to limit the melon intake per a day. The amount is around 8g in 100g, so it isn’t a low nor high value for that matter.

Fructose is present as well. Depending on a type of a melon, it may be 2.8 grams per a serving up to 7 grams. Watermelons are the richest when it comes to fructose and they have 11.2 grams of fructose per a serving. You may want to know that you must limit the fructose intake to 25 grams per a day. Anything higher than that is far from healthy and it can make your gout more severe. After all, a small link between melon and gout does exist.

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Is bitter melon good for gout?

The last type of melons I will explain here is bitter melon. It looks more like a cucumber and it is approximately the same size. But, these melons are slightly better. Once again I must point out that they do not decrease the level of uric acid and they won’t provide you with a lot of nutrients.

An interesting fact is that bitter melons will help you with insulin resistance and can also help you with inflammation. As such, these melons are probably the best type you should consume if you like them.

Sadly I wasn’t able to find any studies or researches regarding the matter.

The final word

Melon and gout may be linked together. The first thing you will have to remember is that this isn’t some impressive remedy that will help you big time. As a matter of fact, it is hardly a remedy at all. However, in some cases, they may be useful and bitter melons are slightly more beneficial than any other type. Be free to consume them, but in moderation only.

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