Gout and Papaya – Is Papaya Good for Gout?

papaya and gout

We all love to go out in open and picking a fruit we like. I personally love this idea and I want to have a massive garden where I can find all the fruits I do like.

Most people can do precisely this, but not us, gout sufferers. We must pay close attention to the foods that should be consumed and those that should be avoided. The reason why is obvious.

We must monitor the gout attacks in our body and we must make sure that the uric acid is kept as low as possible. All the fruits, meats and foods in general that can increase the risk from a gout attack by 1% should be avoided.

So, what about gout and papaya? Is this a good fruit to consume or you should avoid it at all cost? It is a good and beneficial fruit for us, gout sufferers and it is one of the best in this case scenario.

Papaya: Basics

Papaya is an exotic fruit that comes in the form of a big green egg. You can find it literally in any grocery store and you can consume it straight away. It is delicious and it is one of the fruits I love the most.

Papaya is commonly used in countless recipes and it can be consumed in a million possible ways. Even the seeds can be consumed, but they are slightly bitter and not something most people like.

The fruit is also known as pawpaw, papaw and it is one of 22 known species of genus Carica family. It is found in parts of the United States and especially in Central America, such as Mexico and surrounding countries.

Papaya is one of the best fruits for all people with gout and due to one major difference. It is rich in a compound known as papain. This compound has great anti-inflammatory properties and helps our body maintain an alkaline state.

Is papaya good for gout?

Gout and papaya should be connected for one more reason. The papain is known to promote the protein absorption by our digestive tract. An interesting fact is that it can absorb 200 times more protein from meat than its actual weight.

Papaya is rich in vitamin C and one papaya has 224% of your daily need for this vitamin. It is also present when the fruit is unripe, but at that state, papain is far more concentrated and hence makes the fruit more powerful.

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Papaya and cholesterol

Other effects include the protection of the cardiovascular system and the ability to decrease the bad cholesterol from the blood. I must add that all gout sufferers must make sure their cardiovascular system is in pristine order and weight should be kept at the recommended number.

In general, papaya will make sure your digestive tract works perfectly and boost the ability of a body to eliminate bad and negative chemicals and toxins from the blood and body in general. Gout and papaya are something you should know about in detail.

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How to take papaya for treating gout

There are two methods you can use to consume papaya in proper form for treating gout. The first one is to eat the fruit in raw form. They are available almost throughout the year which makes it a perfect choice.

Green papayas are not ripe, so you will have to wait 2 days until they get the orange or yellow color and then you can eat them. Fruits that have patches of red color also need more time to ripen. In essence, you will need to wait a few more days.

You can eat the fruit as long as you like and you should try to eat it when it isn’t completely ripe. By using this method, you will increase the levels of papain and also all other ingredients this fruit has.

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raw papaya

Green tea and papaya

Another method you can use is to drink green tea with papaya. It is very beneficial and it combines two best ingredients that gout sufferers do need. Keep in mind that you may need some time to get used to this form and you will definitely have to take things slowly.

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The bottom line is that gout and papaya should coexist and this fruit is simply stunning for all of us and more beneficial than 90% of other fruits.

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