Strawberries and Gout – Are Strawberries Good for Gout?

strawberries and gout

Gout is a nightmare that will affect your lifestyle in the smallest details. If you think you can live with it, wait until the big toe pains are so excruciating that you will barely be able to get out of bed, not to mention walking. Gout is often described as a type of arthritis and unlike other forms of this affection, it is one of the two types that can be properly cured.

Gout is caused by uric acid that builds up. If you cannot eliminate it in time, it will gather around joints – mostly around the feet and the big toes. At that point, it crystallizes and causes the visible inflammation that prevents you from moving on with your lifestyle. The pain can go away after days or weeks, depending on your lifestyle.

Gout can be treated with medications, but most importantly, you have to change your diet. The affection is caused by purines, which are normally in the body anyway – in normal amounts. To keep the affection under control, you will have to avoid foods rich in purines, but also implement some new foods in your diet.

Strawberries and gout

You will run into plenty of controversies when it comes to these dietary changes. Some doctors recommend certain foods, while others are against them. The same rule applies when it comes to strawberries and gout. Strawberries are rich in natural sugar, which is not good when you have gout. But then, they have more benefits that will usually outweigh the harsh effects of sugar.

Are strawberries good for gout?

The connection between strawberries and gout starts with the high amounts of vitamin C. A simple cup of strawberries will give you 90 milligrams of this powerful vitamin and antioxidant. This is about 150% of how much vitamin you need on a daily basis, so you will practically exceed the limit – nothing to worry about there.

Vitamin C is one of the main recommendations against gout. It is not just great against the flareups and painful sensations, but also to prevent the affection. There are multiple studies out there and each of them has encouraging results. A proper vitamin C supplementation will reduce the levels of uric acid to a minimum, meaning there will be no crystals around your joints.


Furthermore, vitamin C is also one of the most powerful antioxidants out there. Antioxidants are great for gout because they boost the immune system and reduce the natural production of uric acid throughout the body – hence the connection between strawberries and gout. They work on the enzymes responsible for the production and inhibit them.

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Folate is a vitamin in the B group. A cup of strawberries will offer 40 micrograms of folate – around 10% of what you should have on a daily basis. The relation between strawberries and gout targets folate too. While there are not too many conclusive studies out there, a few research studies have proven that folate has beneficial effects for those suffering from gout – mostly in terms of protection against it.


Oxalate is just as important, but in a negative way – it is certainly worth some attention. This compound normally comes from oxalic acid. There is a link between strawberries and gout at this point and it is not always positive, While oxalate can increase the symptoms of gout, it is also linked to kidney stones. Therefore, if you have a history of kidney stones, you might want to ask your doctor before supplementing your diet with strawberries.

Anti inflammatory compounds

Last, but not least, you may know already that gout is an affection related to inflammation. In other words, most medication you will get will work against inflammation, but how about strawberries then? The good news is they are loaded with phytochemicals that will reduce inflammation throughout the entire body. They are not great against gout only, but against any type of inflammation.

Bottom line, there is an obvious connection between strawberries and gout. If it was not for the oxalate, strawberries would be perfect. Even so, you can still supplement your diet with strawberries, assuming your kidneys are in perfect condition. If you had to deal with kidney stones in the past, discuss with your doctor first.​

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