Blueberries and Gout – Are Blueberries Good for Gout?

blueberries and gout

The first time I got a gout flare was the end of my world, at least I thought that. However, soon I realized that there are a lot of things I can do in order to manage the condition and to make sure it doesn’t affect my lifestyle extremely.

Most and probably the best thing all gout sufferers can do is to manage their diet. We get 1/3 of the uric acid from the food and beverages we eat. Managing this part of the total amount is sufficient to keep the acid low and prevent the risk from a gout attack.

Now a tricky part. Some foods increase acid while others decrease it. This brings us to gout and blueberries and more precisely their link. There are plenty of things I will have to reveal here and to help you understand why you need to eat more this fruit.

Health benefits of blueberries

Before I start with all the things we need to know regarding gout and blueberries, I want to spend some time analyzing blueberries. This is a powerful fruit and extremely beneficial. It is loaded with antioxidants we actually need.

In general, consuming blueberries on a daily basis will protect us from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and at the same time will boost our mental health.

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A big part of the benefits and advantages is possible, thanks to a compound called anthocyanin. It is responsible for the blue color of the fruit and it is an extremely potent natural compound our body needs.

This compound decreases its strength when the fruit is frozen. According to experts, frozen blueberries will lose 59% of anthocyanin in a period of 6 months, once the fruit was frozen. The situation is the same when it comes to other ingredients and compounds found in blueberries.

Blueberries are also beneficial in cancer prevention. They contain vitamins A and B and have powerful antioxidant properties that help us fight ‘’bad’’ cells that cause cancer in the first place. When consuming blueberries, we will feel full which can help us lose weight. This is an extremely important benefit for all gout sufferers.

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Are blueberries good for gout?

The most important thing I can tell you at this point is that gout and blueberries are linked and there is a beautiful connection between these two. Blueberries are beneficial for all gout sufferers, due to a few main reasons.

First of all, they are rich in ascorbic acid which will speed up the repairing process of damaged cells in the joints. They are rich in flavonoids and get stunning anti-inflammatory properties and at the same time, they are loaded with antioxidants.

Blueberries are also loaded with Vitamin C, which increases the production of collagen. The compound helps us repair connective tissue in our body, the tissue that is seriously affected during a gout attack. Several studies have also proved that collagen decreases the level of uric acid.

A single cup of blueberries contains 80 calories but no fat. It also offers you ¼ of the vitamin C needed per day. They are rich in fiber as well and we do need it.

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Should you consume blueberries daily?

Yes, you can eat blueberries in large amount as there’s no side effect of eating it. You will get all of the above mentioned benefits, you will lose weight, you will have more energy and you can recover quickly after a gout attack.

Did you know that ancient Greeks used blackberries as a gout remedy and it was very successful back then? Blueberries are similar when it comes to benefits and properties and I personally believe they are the ultimate remedy here.

There are no limits on how much you should eat. Just keep in mind that you need protein as well and you should consume blueberries as an addition to the diet, not the main part of it.

Although I was discussing gout and blueberries only, the situation is similar or the same with most berries. They are generally loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and they can help us with a gout flare. You should incorporate them into your diet starting today.

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