Turkey and Gout – Is Turkey Bad for Gout?

turkey and gout

Many of you will take a look at a chart of the foods allowed to consume when you are a gout sufferer and find that most of them can be consumed. This isn’t always true. Yes, you can consume all of them but you will end up with a gout flare if you make a mistake.

The situation is even more severe if I tell you that some of those charts are not accurate. Others are completely wrong, but all of them have one major flaw. All of them lack detail. For example, you can see that chicken meat, poultry, turkey, and goose meat are average in purines and they can be consumed.

But, the truth is that each type of meat is different and we can see it here. While chicken is safe for gout sufferers, turkey isn’t. I will have to explain this in my gout and turkey link post and I will try to provide as much data as possible.

Is turkey bad for gout?

Turkey meat should be avoided if you suffer from gout. But, there is a detailed explanation of why the gout and turkey should not be connected. Turkey is richer in purines than chicken and duck meat. Turkey contains 150 mg of purines per 100g and as such it will contribute to the spike in uric acid and you know what’s next.

Sadly, all of this means that on the next Thanksgiving you will have to avoid this meat. You will need to find a better alternative and I will help you with that. For now, all you should remember is that turkey is one of the meats you must avoid at all costs.

turkey meat

The link between gout and turkey

1/3 of uric acid is based on what we eat. Our body transfers purines into uric acid and all foods come with purines. When we consume a high-purine food, we directly increase uric acid which causes a gout attack. Gout and turkey are connected in the same way.

This is the simple fact that applies to all the foods out there. Turkey is no different, obviously. When you consume it, the purines will spike and you will be at a higher risk.

If you cannot avoid turkey meat and you must have it, I recommend you only one small slice. It won’t be the ideal meal for gout, but you will manage. Pair it with plenty of water just to try and keep as much purines away from the cardiovascular system as possible.

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Gout and turkey are obviously linked in a bad way and there is plenty of research that clarifies and supports my facts here. In reality, it is one of those foods you must avoid and you must keep it as low as possible, period.

The alternative to turkey

I know that you like meat and you want to eat it every week. Luckily for you, there is an alternative. The best option to choose is good old chicken. You can consume duck meat as well.

The reason is that these two types of meat are lower in purines than turkey and therefore not harmful and won’t trigger a gout attack. There are a few main things to consider.

Chicken skin should be avoided as much as you can. It is an unhealthy part of animal and something that has been considered as extremely dangerous in some countries.



To summarize gout and turkey are connected and in a bad way. You should avoid this type of meat and you will have to replace it with duck meat or chicken. In a case of chicken, avoid eating skin and always prefer chicken breast. With this simple trick, you will keep your purines at the control and you will make sure that gout attacks are a thing from the past. This is a mandatory part of lifestyle for all gout sufferers including myself.

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