Yogurt and Gout – Is Yogurt Good for Gout?

yogurt and gout

Gout has a medical profile, but most of the treatments are based on adapting a healthy lifestyle. In other words, you need to keep the level of uric acid (the main cause of gout) under control. While uric acid is natural in the body, a heavy intake from your diet can trigger the gout flareups. There are things you should eat more of, as well as things you should avoid at all costs or things that you can only have in moderation. Changing your diet overnight can be challenging and education is mandatory – now, is there a connection between yogurt and gout? What is the chance of yogurt pushing the gout flareups and painful episodes?

Is yogurt good for gout?

Yogurt and gout go hand in hand. Dairy products are actually recommended and can ameliorate the symptoms of gout or prevent it. Of course, there are some rules you need to stick to. Opt for low fat or no fat products, rather than full fat alternatives. Indeed, they will taste a bit differently, but they will help against gout. Another rule implies checking the whole list of ingredients to ensure you have actual dairy and not some substitutes. Besides, you have to ensure none of the ingredients can cause gout or other affections.

The connection between yogurt and gout

The truth is dairy products are normally recommended for those suffering from gout. The inflammatory type of arthritis is one of the two forms of the disease that can be healed, yet further episodes may occur later on if you fail to look after yourself.

Generally speaking, most dairy products are associated with reducing the intensity of gout and even preventing it. People who eat yogurt on a daily basis will find it easier to prevent gout than those who do not. There are more types of yogurts out there though. There are no connections between Greek yogurt and gout, but it is recommended to opt for the low fat variety. When it comes to other dairy products, you should choose skimmed milk over other options.

The vitamin D in these products helps with the preventive effects of yogurt – after all, gout patients suffer from relatively low levels of vitamin D3. Of course, the regular consumption of yogurt is not the only thing to take into consideration when battling gout – other lifestyle changes are just as important. For example, limit the alcohol use and avoid red meat or seafood.

As long as your dairy products are low fat, you will be able to reduce the levels of uric acid in the body, as well as the risk of a gout attack. At the same time, low fat yogurt is handy in eliminating more uric acid than normally. The connection between yogurt and gout is a positive one, with a few simple rules.

How often can you have low fat yogurt to deal with gout? There are no limits, but then again, anything can be unhealthy if eaten in abusive amounts. Stick to regular amounts of yogurt and do not exaggerate. One large pot a day should be more than enough – feel free to mix it with some healthy fruits and vegetables too or perhaps mix it in a smoothie.

Other low fat dairy products to include in your diet

Apart from low fat yogurt, there are more options out there when it comes to dairy products. Stick to low or no fat milk for your cereals and cooking recipes – the same rule applies to yogurt. Cottage cheese represents another good option – same rule applies.

Fancy a different type of cheese? There is plenty of low fat or no fat alternatives to most options out there, from cream cheese and mozzarella to feta, cheddar, Parmesan or American cheese.


When considering such alternatives, make sure you actually get the right products. Many low fat products bring in false advertising. Check the label and ensure they actually include dairy products and not some alternatives or substitutes. Keep an eye on the whole list of ingredients, as some components might be associated with gout or other affections. For instance, some fat free yogurt may come with lots of sugar, while other brands include more sodium.

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