Gout And Cancer – Can Gout Cause Cancer?

cancer and gout

Suffering from one disease or condition is more than just problematic, but suffering from two is much, much worse. Sadly, when you suffer from gout, this is the common scenario.

There are all sorts of diseases and conditions that are linked to gout and scientists simply don’t have the cure. They are running countless studies but they are unable to find an actual remedy that can help us.

This brings us to one link I honestly believed will never occur. It is the link between gout and cancer. It is one of the darkest correlations I can think of and I will try to explain the matter in the best way possible.

What is cancer actually?

Cancer is one disease that is very common these days. It isn’t caused by a virus or bacteria. Instead, cancer is caused by our own cells which makes it something different.

Every single cell in our body has DNA where genes are located. They instruct the cell to multiply, to be in a specific location, to replace the old one and to die eventually. When a cell mutates, it will lose those properties.

Without proper instructions, cells can multiply and develop in the wrong places all across the body. So for example, if the cells start to multiply and develop in the lungs (uncontrollably of course) a person gets lung cancer. If the cells start this in the bones, a person develops bone cancer.

Every single day, millions of cells mutate in the body and our immune system is strong enough to find all of them and kill them before they start multiplying. If or when just once cell evades the immune system, cancer occurs.

Cancer can be benign. It appears in once spot only. Once removed, it won’t occur again. But it can be malignant as well. This is when cancer affects the entire body and the cells multiply in several locations.

Can gout cause cancer?

Gout and cancer are connected and according to the newest study, 50% of gout patients develop cancer at some moment. I will explain the study right now.

The study in question was conducted by Patricia Kachur, MD in the United States and was published at the American College of Rheumatology. It lasted between 2011 and 2014 and it involved over 11.000 people.

In the end, scientists realized that gout patients were and are at a higher risk of 50% of developing cancer at some point. The most common type of cancer is prostate cancer with a rate of over 25%. Other types of cancer that occurred were breast, colon, and cervix. The rate was 8.4%.

However, gout and cancer link is still unexplained. Doctors didn’t discover why cancer occurs although it is believed that it has to do something with higher levels of uric acid and the overworking of the organism to remove the acid.

Future studies are needed and they will occur where scientists will probably find more details about this correlation and also answer how you can prevent this from happening in the first place. 

What to do if you have gout?

As you were able to see if you have gout you are at a higher risk of cancer. However, there are a few things you can do in order to protect yourself.

The first one is to eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Avoid grilled meats and organ meats. If you are a smoker, stop smoking today. If you drink too much alcohol, stop drinking. The goal is to keep the immune system as strong as possible so it can defeat the mutated cells.

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Equally important is to have regular checks for cancer in any form. Almost all cancer types are curable and treatable when detected small and there is a treatment for even more severe types.

You saw that gout and cancer are connected, but this doesn’t mean you should stop fighting. On the contrary, you should increase your effort and attention to a healthy lifestyle. By doing this, you will keep your body in a healthy state and it will be stronger when it comes to defending itself from various threats, including cancer, diabetes and so much more.

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