What Is The Best Thing To Drink If You Have Gout?

What Is The Best Thing To Drink If You Have Gout

Are you trying to alleviate your gout symptoms naturally? A slight adjustment of your diet chart can give you significant results. Most gout patients are conscious of the foods they eat to prevent complications. However, it is also essential to focus on drinks that they consume every day. Thus, what is the best thing to drink if you have gout?

Gout can result from the high uric acid level in your blood. The uric acid buildups can create needle-like crystals in your joints and soft tissues. The breakdown of purines can cause the production of uric acid. Although purines are naturally occurring chemicals in our body, we take them through our beverages and foods. That is why you must choose drinks containing low purines.

What is the best thing to drink if you have gout?

1. Apple cider vinegar

Although there is little scientific evidence about the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar to treat gout, several patients have found a positive effect.

The sour liquid is a fermented apple product that can treat different health disorders like gout. You know about the use of vinegar to cook foods, preserve them, prevent infection, and treat injuries. One of the major ingredients of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid that helps in treating the risks factors for gout (like obesity, diabetes, inflammation, high blood pressure, and cholesterol).

Moreover, researchers have noticed that apple cider vinegar can reduce body weight and blood sugar levels. Diabetes patients also have found good results from consuming apple cider vinegar. It is scientifically proven that the intake of vinegar during bedtime minimizes the glucose level.

There is no particular rule on how much apple cider vinegar you should consume to treat and prevent gout. You can blend apple cider vinegar with other drinks for dilution. In fact, dilution is good for avoiding tooth decay from apple cider vinegar. 15 ml of vinegar contains 750 mg of acetic acid. By drinking it every day, you can reduce the gout risks, like blood pressure and obesity.

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gout and apple cider vinegar

2. Cherry juice

Cherry juice helps in relieving pain from gout. Scientists have found no evidence about the effectiveness of black cherry juice for gout treatment. However, they have claimed that tart cherry juice is good for lowering uric acid.

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Cherry Juice for Gout

3. Coffee

There are controversial views about the consumption of coffee and gout. Coffee has beneficial compounds like caffeine, polyphenols, and minerals.  Some researchers have found that coffee increases the rate of eliminating the uric acid level from your body. That is why coffee works for gout patients and alleviate their symptoms.

Furthermore, coffee reacts with enzymes breaking down purines in your body. In this way, it prevents uric acid creation and other effects.

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What drinks can increase your gout risks?

Sugary beverages containing high fructose corn syrup increase your gout. Moreover, it is better to avoid drinking wine to prevent gout attacks.

Now, you have found the answer to the question- What is the best thing to drink if you have gout? Create a diet chart that minimizes your gout risks.

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