Stevia and Gout – Is Stevia Good for Gout?

stevia and gout

I will cover all the possible topics regarding various foods, beverages, and also actions that may help you with gout. Some of you will already know that I have been suffering from this condition for 10 years and I have discovered various tricks we all can use.

With proper food management, you can gain all sorts of benefits. More importantly, you can successfully manage gout and significantly decrease the odds for the next flare.

Today I have prepared an interesting addition to your diet that may help you. I will explore the connection between stevia and gout and try to provide all useful information.

What is stevia?

Stevia is found in Brazil and Paraguay and it has been used as a beverage sweetener since the 16th century. It is also used to make tea. Although native to these two countries, stevia these days is grown in China and also Japan.

This is a sweet plant and most beneficial for those who don’t want to use artificial or other sweeteners. Stevia doesn’t contain any calories, making it perfect for all of you who want to have to decrease calorie intake. This plant is 300 times sweeter than ordinary sugar you have in your kitchen now.

Health benefits start with diabetes. Although stevia doesn’t have some major advantages, it can lower blood sugar and it is safe for people with diabetes to use.

But, stevia is also important for those who want to lose weight thanks to no calories. Most experts recommend the plant to be used in diets for children. Other benefits include protection from pancreatic cancer and decrease blood pressure by dilating blood vessels in the body.

The best part of all of these is that stevia doesn’t have any side effects. It is perfectly safe, it won’t cause any allergies and it can be consumed frequently. Do these facts apply to stevia and gout correlation?

Coffee with Stevia

How stevia and gout are connected?

Yes, you can see that stevia and gout can coexist. There are no side effects related to gout in any form. As a matter of fact, if you want the best, safest, and the sweetest sweetener of them all, stevia is the number one choice.

Because it doesn’t contain calories, you can consume it and add it to your diet in large amounts. You can consume it daily if you prefer. I have been using it to lose some weight and the process was successful.

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Is stevia good for gout?

When I take a deep look into the stevia and gout link, I can see that there are no major advantages. The only thing I know is that stevia can dilate your blood vessels. When this happens, uric secretion is increased, meaning you will lose more uric acid.

Also, faster blood flow and better circulation should help you in removing uric acid crystals from the joint. The results are mild to average but still present.

But, stevia is more important than you may think. Sweet beverages contain HFCS. These chemicals were linked to increased risk of gout in women and men. Eliminating the HFCS and using stevia is, therefore, more than just great.

How to add stevia to your diet?

The most obvious thing you can do is to find a reliable stevia seller. Organic plants without any pesticides are highly recommended for gout sufferers. Stevia isn’t a standalone plant, meaning you cannot consume it directly. You will need to use it as a sweetener.

Try to replace as much sugar usage with stevia as you can. For example, if you like sweet coffee or tea, use stevia instead of ordinary sugar. You will need a much smaller amount, you will get better taste and you will enjoy more.

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The point is to use stevia to make other foods and beverages sweeter. Keep in mind that it is far more potent than sugar so don’t add too much of the plant. Be free to find additional recipes online that include stevia. Master it and make your life sweeter.

The main fact about stevia and gout connection is that there are no limits. You can use stevia every day if you like. Don’t expect some major improvements but minor ones are possible.

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