Gout And Cinnamon – Is Cinnamon Good For Gout?

gout and cinnamon

In the recent period of time, many gout sufferers started looking back. They are interested in old remedies, foods, and recipes that were used in ancient times. It is actually one of the most popular topics right now and one of the most interesting. Cinnamon and gout can be defined as one, but not completely.

Gout sufferers are doing this because modern medicine can’t help them enough. Yes, there are medications, treatments and so much more but most of these barely work and not for all patients. A proper diet is far more effective and it is also more desirable. A proper diet will help you manage purine intake which will directly manage the level of uric acid. When done correctly, you can expect certain benefits.

Try to remember that your diet should involve consuming foods and beverages that are safe for gout patients. In other words, you can either experiment on your own body or read and get information about others who already used that food/drink.

Cinnamon: Basics

Cinnamon is extremely popular today and can be found in any country, city, and in most coffee houses. All grocery stores have it as well. This is spice that originated in India (some claim Sri Lanka and China as well) almost 5000 years ago. It appears in Bible, ancient Chinese medicine books, and in Ancient Egypt records.

Cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree, also called cinnamon. It is then rolled and sold or ground and turned into powder. The latter is a more common option in the United States and other parts of the world.

This spice has been used in ancient, Chinese medicine for treating the flu and for warming up a person who was exposed to low temperatures. It contains manganese, calcium, and also fiber. But, is cinnamon good for gout? Let’s find out.

Cinnamon is a very healthy spice. It lowers blood pressure, can help you with bad cholesterol, and make osteoarthritis symptoms less severe. For people with diabetes, this spice will help them control sugar level in the blood. The latter is possible despite the level of insulin will remain the same. Anyway, this was tested on rats but it looks promising.

Is cinnamon good for gout?

Cinnamon helps people with gout. In China, researchers tested 122 herbs and how each one will affect gout or uric acid in the human body. They found that cinnamon is number one. It was the most effective and the results were impressive.

The just mentioned benefit is possible thanks to the compounds in cinnamon that directly affect enzymes that are needed for producing uric acid. When those enzymes are decreased, uric acid will be lowered as well.

According to some tests on rats, it seems that the regular consumption of cinnamon will reduce the levels of uric acid. Cinnamon is rich in polyphenols – just like green tea, which is quite helpful as well. It also has cinnamic acid and cinnamaldehyde. Antioxidants will chase free radicals throughout the body and annihilate them.

There is one benefit more. Cinnamon offers antioxidant properties. As a matter of fact, it is the most ‘’powerful’’ spice in this case scenario. It is far more effective than vanilla, ginger, anise, and nutmeg. Antioxidant properties are important for gout sufferers and can make your life quality better by preventing additional damage to the joints.

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Using cinnamon to treat gout

As you know, cinnamon can and should be used for treating gout. It is extremely effective. You can have it in sticks which can last 1 year or powder which lasts 6 months. It is simpler and more appealing to use powder.

You can add honey and cinnamon powder to boiling water and consume it as tea. This beverage actually was tested in Denmark where scientists discovered that after one week, people with arthritis noticed benefits. After one month, the benefits were even better.

cinnamon and apple

Other ways you can use cinnamon are sprinkling it on your tea, coffee, cappuccino or simply diluting it in water. These are just a couple of examples. There are countless recipes out there due to the massive popularity of this spice. Find the one that is best for you and use it.

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A quick summary regarding cinnamon and gout. It is the best spice for all gout sufferers and it is definitely something you need for your diet starting today. It is healthy, battles gout directly and even makes drinks more delicious. Other health benefits are present as well.

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