Gout And MSG – Does MSG cause gout?

msg and gout

I know that most of you don’t have an idea what MSG (monosodium glutamate) is. Let’s just say that it is used to enhance the flavor of the food and it has been linked to several, severe diseases and conditions. And yes, gout and MSG are linked as well and this is just one of the reasons why you should avoid food containing MSG.

MSG can be found in all types of food. It is present in Chinese food and it is the main reasons why you feel bloated once you get out from the Chinese restaurant. Then, it is present in canned foods, vegetable and soups especially, but also in desserts and etc. It is almost impossible to find food which isn’t affected by this toxin. I say toxin because it affects the brain, nerve cells more precisely and causes their permanent damage, as such, this ‘’chemical’’ can cause Alzheimer’s disease Parkinson’s disease and etc.

All you need to know regarding gout and MSG

MSG actually was detected in seafood back in 1908 in Japan. But, local scientists decided to try and make a human version of it, a version which can be used separately in other foods in order to make them taste better. That’s how we got monosodium glutamate or better known MSG.

Its composition isn’t very strange nor versatile. As a matter of fact, it consists 78% of glutamic acid, 21% of sodium and only 1% are contaminants, so it must be healthy. There is an obvious difference between a natural chemical which improves the taste and odor of the food and the man-made version, called MSG.

Does MSG cause gout?

For gout sufferers, it is crucial to avoid this type of food enhancers. I will explain that very simply. You all know that uric acids must be controlled and that purines affect them significantly. What MSG does is increases the levels of purines, which directly increases the level of uric acid and therefore risk of gout or a gout attack! In a nutshell, MSG will be the main reason for gout or gout attack, so make sure you always avoid this type of food. It is possible to eat regular and never come in touch with this chemical, but it will require some patience and time from you.

Which foods must be avoided?

In order to protect yourself from MSG, you will have to protect yourself from a specific type of foods. Let’s start with all processed foods. They must be avoided and eliminated from your life due to the fact they are loaded with MSG. After all, this chemical is used to make older food tastes better and also to prolong its lifespan on a shelf. That’s why regardless of the fact which type of food you want, as long as it is processed, it must be avoided. Natural foods don’t contain this chemical nor will it cause you any of the symptoms.

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There are several health issues MSG will probably cause if you expose your body to it for a long period of time. For example, you can develop nausea, rapid heartbeat, sickness, headache and etc. In essence, this chemical is linked to countless diseases and it is something you will have to avoid.

If you are concerned why it is allowed for the companies to use MSG, the explanation is simple. The FDA requires from them to list the MSG in a product, so you will be aware of its presence, but they discovered a way to hide it. MSG is commonly known as glutamic acid and dozens of other names, so its presence is literary hidden.

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monosodium glutamate


Gout and MSG are not only linked, but this chemical must be eliminated from your life if you suffer from gout. It is a toxin in the lack of a better word and I am glad I was able to develop an entire diet which doesn’t include a single part of the MSG! If you are interested in a specific matter regarding MSG and its effect on gout, be free to post a comment below.

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