Snacks for Gout – What Snacks Can You Eat with Gout?

snacks and gout

I love snacks and they are an important part of my diet. I eat them every single day and I am trying to find as many beneficial, and healthy as I can. I have been suffering from gout for years, so not all snacks are good for me.

What I have discovered is that most snacks can be consumed without a single issue. However, some must be avoided. I learned this in a hard way, ending up with a gout attack.

So, there is a link between gout and snacks and I will provide you with all the facts needed to master the correlation. Most snacks are safe to eat, but there are a few examples.

There are several links between gout and snacks. Some are irrelevant. Those snacks do not affect uric acid. Others spike it, and they must be avoided. Third, are beneficial because they decrease the level of uric acid. So which one do you want?

Gout and snacks

When I am trying to explain the correlation between gout and snacks, I am mostly focused on the bad stuff. All snacks that are loaded with fructose and sugar must be avoided.

Fructose is processed in our body in such a way that purines are released. More purines mean more uric acid and this means a gout attack. The situation is identical when it comes to sugar.

Bad snacks for gout

They are all bad for our condition and they must be avoided! The risk of ending up with a gout attack is simply too high.

I can generalize the matter by saying all purine-rich foods should be avoided, despite the fact are they meat, fish, or snacks. 1/3 of purines we get from the food and it is a massive portion we can manage.

Although there is a clear link between gout and snacks not all of them are bad. You can consume more snacks than you may believe. This will be discussed in the next section of my post.

Gout friendly snacks

1. Frozen yogurt

The best snacks, you should eat are frozen yogurt. It can decrease the risk of a gout attack. Make sure to pick an option where there is no plenty of sugar. It won’t trigger the attack, but it can add more calories than you need.

frozen yogurt

2. Whole grain toasts and crackers

Toast and crackers are another, important snack. They contain carbohydrates which will assist you in flushing or removing uric acid from the body. You need 6 servings per day. Whole grain is the key ingredient here and only consume snacks with this advantage!

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whole grain

3. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are generally beneficial. You can eat them daily and you can consume as much as you like. Pay close attention to the apples, carrots, and celery. These are the most important.

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fruit and vegetable

4. Nuts

My favorite snack is nuts. They do come in various flavors and types and all of them are beneficial. You can get various health benefits, lose weight; protect your heart and so much more. But, you won’t get any downside.

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Yes, gout and snacks can coexist and the results will depend on you! If you consume the ones I claim to be safe, there won’t be any problems. If you consume snacks that are not recommended, you can end up with a gout flare!

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