Diet Soda And Gout – Is Diet Soda Bad For Gout?

diet soda and gout

Nowadays gout affects 8.1 million people in the United States, which is 3.9% of the population. This is a significant increase if we know that in the 80s and the 90s, the number of affected people was 2.7% of the population. Of course, this means that in the near future, even more people will suffer from gout. It is a life lasting disease which is more than just annoying. I know, because I have it. Now is the time to pay attention to diet soda and gout or more precisely their connection.

Is diet soda bad for gout?

One of the most important discoveries regarding the matter is the link between fructose and gout. Believe or not, this ingredient is the only one that has been linked to gout and gout attacks. All others are almost irrelevant when it comes to this condition. But, diet soda doesn’t contain fructose or any type of sugar as a matter of fact, so it is just a great drink for us, gout sufferers.

I personally like diet Coca-Cola and it is simply the best beverage for me. I am also confident that it won’t affect my uric acid levels and it will refresh me and nothing more. This isn’t something I can say about orange juice and now I will explain why.

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In 2008, Arthritis Research Centre of Canada conducted a research and summarized the results. According to the massive number of participants which were used between 1988 and 1994, the level of the uric acid in the body increased as people consumed soft beverages. The same study discovered that uric acid rose the highest when people consumed orange juice. On the other hand, when they consumed diet beverages, uric acid stayed the same, it wasn’t increased nor decreased.

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diet coke

In figures, this means that people who consumed 2 soft beverages per a day were 85% at a higher risk of developing gout. Those who consumed it once per ad day were 45% at a higher risk. Keep in mind that the study involved 46.393 people over a 12-year period so it is more than just impressive and accurate at the same time.

The study I just mentioned should help you understand that diet beverage are simply the best or let’s just say the least problematic for gout sufferers. They do not affect the level of uric acid in any single way so you are free to consume them as often as you like. Of course, this also means that there is no need to expect any benefits because you won’t get them either.

Another benefit of diet soda

As I have explained, diet soda is good for us, gout sufferers simply because it doesn’t affect gout nor causes its attacks. Basically, a diet soda is irrelevant when it comes to gout. Actually no and there are two main benefits here. If you recall, I have mentioned that all of us must stay hydrated as much as possible. Water is essential for us, gout sufferers and more the merrier. Because diet sodas are actually water with a few ingredients, you will get a benefit from drinking it.

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But, this isn’t the actual benefit I have mentioned in the title. The true power of diet soda is in the ability to help you lose weight. Let’s take for example Coca-Cola Zero. It has 0 calories and 0 sugars. This means that if you replace consuming ordinary drink with this one, you are going to decrease the calorie intake. Precisely this is the main benefit here. When you decrease your weight and exposure to the calories, you will have a lower risk of developing gout or a gout attack.

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Diet soda and gout are connected but in a good way. You don’t have to worry if you like consuming diet beverages and there won’t be any possible complications, regardless of how much you actually take it. As a matter of fact, of all beverages I can think of at the moment, diet ones are probably the best option, besides water. You will lose weight and you won’t even notice it. But, you won’t affect your gout so you can relax knowing that it won’t affect you anymore.

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