Gout and Diabetes – Can Diabetes Cause Gout?

gout and diabetes

There are many people who are concerned that gout and diabetes are linked together. Sadly, this is true! If you suffer from one condition, chances are high that you will develop another one. I personally know many people who suffer from both conditions or who have been developing one of them and later on they developed another.

How and why gout and diabetes are connected?

As I have mentioned, chances are high that if you suffer from one condition you will develop the second one. This actually was discovered in the 18th century and there have been so many studies which proved the claim. It is very difficult and complicated to explain the correlations between these two conditions, but I will try to keep it as simple as possible.

The main cause is actually a lifestyle which develops one or both conditions. Obesity, low level of physical activity and poor quality of a diet will cause high blood pressure, metabolic issues which will, in general, develop one or both conditions.


The next important thing to remember is that DNA of your parents may be associated with one or two conditions I am discussing here. Furthermore, it is possible for a person to use the bad habits he or she inherited from the parents. For example, if you have a poor lifestyle, it is probable that you have the same lifestyle as your parents. Basically, you are learned to live on that way, which simply means that you will suffer from gout, diabetes or both.

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Both conditions are chronic diseases, meaning that there is no cure and once developed, you will suffer from them the entire life. Yes, modern medicine is powerful and it will develop so many cures in the near future, but at the moment, there are no cures for both of these conditions. All you can do is to change your lifestyle and to try to make your life better with fewer symptoms and in a case of gout, with less pain.

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Poor circulation is common in both cases

Yes, the poor circulation has been detected in both cases or better said in both conditions. It is known that people with poor circulation suffer from a higher level of uric acid, which develops gout. It is more difficult for the kidneys to remove the uric acid and toxins from the body if the circulation is poor. In a case of diabetes, the poor circulation and the insulin resistance will probably cause gout at some point.

Keep in mind that these are severe issues. In some cases, it is mandatory to remove the affected foot in order to prevent further damages and in some cases to prevent death!

Luckily there are so many ways you can do in order to make your life better and to improve your circulation. It is important to know that massive changes to your lifestyle are important and more helpful than you can imagine.

Studies that proved my claim

I discovered that there have been several studies regarding the matter. I know that one study involved 2000 men. They discovered that you are 20% at a higher risk of developing diabetes and even 40% at a higher risk of developing kidney issue if you have a higher uric acid level. Uric acid is necessary for the body but only in small levels. When increased it can cause a variety of issues, including gout.

The mentioned study also discovered that men who have a higher uric acid lever are 19% more likely to get diabetes and during the tests, 9% of men developed it, compared to 6% who had a normal uric acid level.

Second study

Another study that was conducted discovered that men are more likely to develop diabetes if they suffer from gout. In those cases, gout, accompanied with other symptoms and with the main cause of it increased the risk of diabetes. It is important to add that the massive changes to the lifestyle are mandatory. This especially refers to the physical activity which must be added to your lifestyle and to massive changes in a diet. Keep in mind that you should or better said must avoid purine-rich foods and beverages.

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You will want to know something about diabetes. There are two types, diabetes 1 and 2. The first type is rare and it affects less than 20% of all people suffering from diabetes. The second type is actually more than just common. It affects between 80 and 90% of all individuals suffering from this issue. They don’t have enough insulin in the body so they must obtain it from the injections. Furthermore, type 2 diabetes can be managed with a proper diet and exercise, but it is still difficult to manage it.

Things we, gout sufferers can do in order to reduce risk of developing diabetes

There are plenty of things we gout sufferers can do in order to reduce the risk of diabetes. This applies to both types and the methods are simple, yet they must be followed through the life.


Exercising is the best and the primary way which can help you decrease the levels of uric acid and improve your blood circulation. In addition, it is important to know that regular exercising prevents obesity, which is also linked to diabetes. If you are a gout sufferer, make sure you start from simple exercising, like walking and etc. Make sure that you follow the instructions I gave here every day, because it is mandatory to exercise on a frequent basis.

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Proper diet

A proper diet is equally important as the exercising. It is mandatory to know that healthy food, rich in vitamins and nutrients can have a positive effect on preventing diabetes from occurring. This type of diet will also help you with the gout attacks. I know that fruit and vegetables can assist you in decreasing pain and reduce the frequency of gout attacks.

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dash diet and gout

Avoid alcohol

Do you know why you need time to recover from a hangover? It is because our body treats alcohol as toxins and it must eliminate all of it in order to keep you safe. Alcohol damages all the organs, body and even mind. For gout sufferers, all alcohols must be avoided. Of course, a glass or two per a week is harmless and you are free to drink any beverage you want. However frequent consuming of any alcoholic beverage out there must be avoided. You will develop severe issues and you can even cause a gout attack. The main reason is in the fact alcohol is rich in purines which will increase the uric acid levels and literally make your gout worse.

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gout and alcohol

It is important to add that all of these steps and advice must be followed all the time. It is essential to use them in your life and to try and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.


Gout and diabetes are closely linked together and if you suffer from one condition, chances are high that you will develop another. I must add that you should follow the instructions I explained if you want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.  With a smart lifestyle, your chances will be better.

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