Sardines and Gout – Do Sardines Cause Gout?

sardines and gout

Many of you have heard that some foods are not good for the health of gout sufferers. Some foods can be consumed occasionally and some can be consumed on a daily basis.

But, researchers are constantly finding new discoveries and new things that we gout sufferers must learn. This simply means that you need to stay in touch and follow the latest discoveries and the latest details.

I can help you with all of that. I test and I write about all the foods, conditions, and all the rest that may improve your condition in any way possible. Today, I am talking about sardines and gout and there are a lot of things you need to know about.

Nutrients found in sardines

Sardines got the name thanks to Sardinia, a small island in Italy. They feed on plankton only and they are not loaded with mercury as other types of fish. Sardines are extremely healthy and they can be found in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, and also Pacific sea.

The main ingredient or nutrient here is omega 3 fatty acids. They can help us decrease the high blood pressure, protect our body from a heart attack, stroke, and other heart diseases.

Sardines are rich in vitamins as well. They are loaded with B12 and they also come with vitamin D. B12 is needed for proper heart muscle health and also gives you energy. Vitamin D is needed for bone strength and health in general.

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Grilled sardines

An interesting fact is that sardines are loaded with calcium as well. This is mandatory for bone health and also can be more than just needed during pregnancy. Although gout is more commonly found in men, women do suffer from it as well.

Other nutrients we can see here are proteins and minerals. When it comes to minerals only, sardines contain zinc, niacin, iron, potassium, and magnesium among few others. Now the big question. What about sardines and gout?

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Do sardines cause gout?

Sardines should be avoided. First and foremost, they are seafood and you already know that all seafood is bad for gout.

Secondly, sardines are rich in purines. What this means is that they will spike the uric acid level and crystals will start forming in your joints.

Don’t think that just because you ate tons of them a while back, you can still do the same thing. When gout occurs, your body becomes less effective in managing and eliminating purines. As a result, uric acid is formed in larger amounts.

While some experts will tell you that you can consume sardines as much as you like, I personally disagree with that claim. There have been countless studies that prove my claim and I even tested this food on myself. I ended with a gout attack that lasted 5 days. Still, believe you can eat sardines?

All I can say at this point is that sardines and gout are linked in a bad way. They are precisely a type of food we need to avoid in order to avoid a gout attack, period.

What you should do?

Most of us won’t have a hard time after a small meal containing sardines. We can consume it as an addition to the main meal or while spending time with our friends. For some of you, beer and sardines are a great combo when with friends.

This is the worst thing you can do actually. Both, sardines and beer will contribute to the gout flare and you will end up with the inevitable. You should drink tea, water, and juices that are low in purines.

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Sadly, we gout sufferers must follow the proper diet all the time, even when having fun. It is still a much better option than taking painkillers after each hangout or party. The bottom line is that sardines and gout should not be linked by the same person. This food, as any other seafood is bad for gout and it can trigger a new gout attack. On the other side, a very small amount of it won’t have a huge side effect.

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