Organ Meats And Gout – Do Not Ever Eat Organ Meat!

How many of you have typed in Google ‘’cure for gout’’ the first time you realized that you are a gout sufferer? Probably 99% of you. The 1% on the next day. Anyway, by now you know that there is no cure, nor there will be one in the near future.

I claim that a proper diet and proper beverage intake can decrease the risk of gout and corresponding attacks by more than 80%. The secret is knowing what to eat and what to drink.

First, there are foods you must avoid at all costs. Secondly, there are beverages you must avoid as well. Third, there are sub-types of foods you must avoid as well. To understand the matter better, I will explain in detail the correlation between gout and organ meats.

What is organ meat?

Organ meat is meat from the heart, liver, kidneys, and brains of an animal. There are all sorts of additional organ meats out there such as tongue, penis and so much more and all of them are claimed to be extremely healthy.

This is the truth. Any expert will tell you that the heart and liver are rich in minerals and rich in nutrients your body needs. As such, you should consume it as much as possible. This is an obvious fact if you are not a gout sufferer.

Organ meats are the most popular in Asia and Africa. They are less popular in the United States and Canada but you can find meals made from these meats every now and then.

organ meats

Gout and organ meats – How this meat affects gout

I have explained that organ meat is rich in minerals and vitamins and this is the main reason why all health experts recommend the meat in general. But, would you like to take a pill that is loaded with minerals and has even more minerals, but also contains toxins?

Precisely this happens when we mix together gout and organ meats. You do get vitamins and minerals but we also get substances that are toxic and must be avoided by all of us who suffer from gout!

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The main fact is that organ meat is loaded with toxins such as cadmium, mercury, selenium, DDT, lead, artificial hormones, herbicides, pesticides and so much more. The actual list is so long that I would need a book to explain. All of these chemicals and toxins are present especially in the liver.

The liver of an animal works as a massive filter that removes toxins from the blood. The toxins that cannot be removed usually stay trapped in the liver. Now, you will eat it. The situation is slightly better with other organ meats, but not that much.

For instance, if we consume 5 ounces of pig’s brain, we will have an intake of 2000 mg of cholesterol, a bad one in fact.

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Secondly, organ meat is high in purines which will be absorbed by our body. They will be processed and cause uric acid to rise. Our kidneys cannot remove the excess of uric acid and we get gout. Add the aforementioned toxins to the equation and we have a decreased ability to remove the uric acid from the blood.

All of this brings us to much, much higher risk of gout and gout attack. Gout and organ meats must not be mixed together. Avoid this type of meat as much as you can.

What is the alternative?

The alternative is to eat other types of meat. For example, eat poultry, pork, and beef in smaller amounts. All parts of the animal except organ meats can be consumed in moderation. Avoid fish as well.

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I believe that the best foods for all people suffering from gout are fruit and vegetables. Whole grain and dairy products are safe as well and they should be consumed.

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In the end, all I can really say is that I don’t like to see gout and organ meats link in any way possible. To understand how much this is bad for you, remember that organ meat is the worst possible food you can eat if you suffer from gout of course. It will spike your uric acid and give you toxins which will make your pain much bigger.

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