Top 13 Essential Oils for Gout – The ULTIMATE List

essential oils for gout

Gout is caused by too much uric acid around your joints. While the affection mostly targets the feet, it can virtually affect any joint in your body. Uric acid is caused by the body as it breaks down purines. While purines are available in the body already, you also get them through your diet. Just like you have probably guessed already, certain foods can trigger the affection. Apart from watching your diet, essential oils for gout are just as helpful in controlling the affection.

They are most commonly used in aromatherapy. Their essences invade the room, providing a relaxing aroma. At the same time, they also have medicinal purposes and can be applied directly on the affected areas. In other words, you can dilute the essential oil of your choice into a carrier oil, then work on the affected areas. More importantly, keep in mind that swallowing essential oils will not help against gout, but will cause harm. Now, what essential oils are good for gout and why?

Top essential oils for gout

1. Olive leaf extract essential oil

This is one of the most accessible essential oils for gout treatment because it is easy to find and reasonably priced. Just like the name clearly states it, this oil comes from the leaves of olive trees. Since the olive tree is extremely common in the Mediterranean, people in the area use it for centuries against all kinds of affections and gout makes no exception either.

oil leaf

The olive leaf extract is great to ameliorate the symptoms associated with gout. On the same note, it was proven to be a powerful antioxidant, meaning it can prevent further gout attacks. Apart from essential oils, you can also brew olive leaves into a tea – they can be fresh or dried. Throw some honey in the tea, as such teas are quite bitter.

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2. Ginger extract essential oil

Whether you love or hate ginger, you do not have to be a genius to understand that it comes with a plethora of beneficial properties. It is used all over the world for its spicy aroma, but the Chinese mostly use it in the traditional medicine. Ginger is a great antioxidant and features anti-inflammatory properties as well, meaning it will work wonders against the signs of gout too.

ginger extract essential oil

The essential oil is inexpensive and can be applied directly over the affected area. Do it a few times a day and let it soak in naturally – no need to dry it. You can use ginger in a few other different ways too. For instance, you can use the fresh root and come up with a tea, while pure ginger extract can be added to all kinds of beverages – even the powdered form is great against gout.

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3. Chinese cinnamon essential oil

Chinese cinnamon – also referred to as cassia – essential oil is used against pretty much any type of inflammatory affection in the traditional Chinese medicine – in fact, it is one of the leading oils. Simply put, it can target any type of pain and discomfort caused by inflammation. Since gout brings in severe inflammation, the oil will relieve such symptoms when diluted into a carrier oil and spread over the area.

Chinese cinnamon essential oil

Apart from its longterm uses and known benefits, cassia oil has also been tested on mice and the results were quite encouraging – lower uric acid levels. In other words, when applied on a regular basis, Chinese cinnamon essential oil is great to prevent gout attacks. Apply it a few times a day when in need and the pain will become history in no time – one of the most efficient essential oils for gout.

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4. Celery seed essential oil

Celery seed essential oil is a naturist option that will not necessarily work against gout by itself. Sure, it has a plethora of beneficial properties and it could ameliorate the symptoms of gout, but it is not as powerful as other alternatives. It can be mixed into all kinds of carrier oils, such as coconut or almond oil. The mix must be applied directly on the affected area a few times a day – let it dry naturally.

Celery seed essential oil

So, what makes this option one of the best essential oils for gout? It is not its individual capabilities, but its power to boost the effects of various medications for gout. It makes no difference what your treatment involves. Also it could be NSAIDs or perhaps corticosteroids. Whatever the treatment is, the celery seed essential oil will enhance it and make it more efficient.

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5. Lemon grass essential oil

You might be familiar with lemon grass and its benefits because it is widely used in all kinds of shampoos, soaps and moisturizers. It has a fresh and natural aroma that will entice anyone. But on the same note, lemon grass essential oil will also be able to reduce the amounts of uric acid. After all, it was widely used to reduce inflammation and pain caused by various viruses and bacterias.

Lemon grass essential oil

A small dose of lemon grass essential oil will not necessarily work wonders. Instead, you need a serious dose. You need to massage the affected area with oil, let it dry and do it again. Keep it wet and oily all the time. You can also come up with lemon grass tea, which is efficient if you suffer from mild inflammation. Furthermore, it pays off considering oil from the stems of lemon grass.

Complete list of top essential oils for gout are:

  1. Olive leaf extract essential oil
  2. Ginger extract essential oil
  3. Chinese cinnamon essential oil
  4. Celery seed essential oil
  5. Lemon grass essential oil
  6. Wintergreen oil
  7. Birch bud oil
  8. Peppermint oil
  9. Lavender oil
  10. Rosemary oil
  11. Tea tree oil
  12. Yarrow oil
  13. BO oil


In conclusion, you do have some good options when it comes to essential oils for gout. Massages and foot baths are probably the best options when it comes to ameliorating the symptoms of gout, but you can opt for other treatments too. A hot towel compress is just as handy – apply plenty of oil and massage it in, then soak a towel in hot water and wrap it around the affected area. Any of these procedures can be done a few times a day with no major risks at all.

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