Gout and Olive Oil – Is Olive Oil Good for Gout?

olive oil and gout

Gout may strike when least expected. It kicks in slowly, overtime – this is the reason wherefore most people fail to notice it right away. You realize you have a problem when the gout attacks become quite aggressive and you actually need to lay down and relax for a bit.

I was in the same situation. So far, there is no treatment for gout. The best you can do is keep it under control. Painkillers represent the main medication – quite addictive and obviously with some side effects too. Most specialists also recommend some lifestyle changes.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food and try to maintain optimal weight. If you are overweight, it is highly recommended to hit the gym or exercise as much as possible. On another note, a natural approach may also ease the disease – this is how I decided to figure whether there is a connection between gout and olive oil.

What causes gout

Since treatments are supposed to be natural and medications are meant to ameliorate symptoms, I figured the best way to overcome gout is to research it. It seems having too much uric acid in joints is what leads to this painful affection. It can target every joint, but it mostly affects the feet.

Too much uric acid will inevitably start accumulating. It will crystallize and come up in a formation that replicates glass shards. Patients inevitably get random attacks that cause significant pain, burning sensations and even redness.

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How to treat gout

Once I figured what caused the disease, I thought the best way to target it is to work on the cause. So, how can you reduce the levels of uric acid? There are more natural options out there and none of them will work overnight.

I am warning you – do not expect some wonders overnight. Proper attention to your diet, a careful lifestyle and the implementation of a few oils will most likely change your world, but you need time, patience and lots of dedication – especially if you are not into such things.

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Is olive oil good for gout?

Olive oil is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which means it is a good option against gout – a disease related to inflammation. It is rich in polyphenols and plenty of anti-inflammatory elements that will most likely help out. Moreover, the oil is rich in oleic acid and vitamin E – excellent for your health.

We all know that olive oil is supposed to help against a series of problems. It will boost your heart and digestive systems, stimulate the bone formation and can prevent cancer and most types of arthritis – including gout.

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You can also use olive leaves, as well as extracts. The nutrients are identical. In fact, since olives are so popular in the Mediterranean area, the tree represents a popular natural treatment for arthritis and gout. Locals have been using it for hundreds of years.

It took me about a month to actually notice any effects. I no longer need as many painkillers as before. Plus, my gout attacks are down to about two or three a week. They are no longer aggressive. Unless I am at work, I can just rest for a bit – no need for medication.

olive oil

How to take olive oil for gout

There is definitely a connection between olive oil and gout. But how do you take it?

During the first week, I used to get a couple of tablespoons a day. I poured some oil in a tablespoon and swallowed it. This is the easy and quick way. If you are not into drinking plain oil, you can sprinkle it over salads or other foods. Make sure you do it after you cook – not before. Olive oil is not a cooking oil. Burning it will kill most of its properties.

As a short final conclusion, gout and olive oil work one against the other. It will take time to familiarize yourself with gout, its effects and treatments, but trust me – it can be done. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you in the comments section below.

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