Gout and Rosemary – Can You Use This Plant to Treat Gout?

rosemary and gout

I have been looking for various remedies and various natural ways to fight gout for years. On my journeys, I have discovered countless useful things, some of which you wouldn’t believe. Others are more common.

Modern medicine is still the way to go for most gout sufferers, but it isn’t great. As you already know, there is no cure for this condition. Basically, all you can get from modern medicine are painkillers and they are far from great.

On the other hand, herbs, and plants I have discovered work in the same way but without any side effects. Some are even more powerful than painkillers.

Today I will explore the links between gout and rosemary. This is one of the powerful and the most potent herbs in the world and one of the most commonly used every single day. So, how it affects gout? Let me explain.

Main details about rosemary

Rosemary is a plant that grows in the Mediterranean area and it has been used in local cuisines and medicine for centuries. It is a part of Rosmarinus Officinalis and we can see that almost all ancient civilizations had a positive idea about it. 

Rosemary is extremely easy to find. You can get it in the oil form which is present in any grocery store or you can grow it all by yourself and always have fresh leaves within seconds. Even if you are not interested in growing the plant, you can find leaves within seconds. 

This plant has a positive effect on the immune system by making it stronger, boosts the blood flow to your head and brain and therefore increases concentration. Ancient students would place rosemary to their head to help them learn better.

Probably more important is the fact the plant contains compounds that fight inflammation. As such, it has been used for treating arthritis and muscle pain for a long period of time. 

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rosemary essential oil

Gout and rosemary – The effects

Yes, you can use rosemary to treat gout. The first details about this treatment occurred in the 1300s in Hungary. The queen was suffering from gout and she has used rosemary oil to treat the condition. The name commonly used afterward is Hungary Water.

Oil of rosemary is produced from the flowers using steam distillation. It can be applied to treat all sorts of pain-related issues, but it can also be used for gout and especially if you are suffering from the pain attack.

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There are two ways how this oil can assist us. First of all, it will boost the blood flow in the targeted area and decrease the levels of uric acid. That’s why the pain will be decreased almost immediately. 

Secondly, the oil will decrease the redness and swelling in the targeted area. The first results are seen almost immediately and you can start feeling better within minutes. 

These days, rosemary is used for treating gout in Germany and Greece although more and more countries are adding it to the list of successful treatments. 

There have been no massive studies but there was one in the Journal of Rheumatology where scientists proved that rosemary had a positive effect on treating gout. The study was conducted using lab mice but it is believed that the effect will be the same on humans. 

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Using rosemary to treat gout

So, how you can use rosemary to treat gout? The answer is you have to use the rosemary oil. Apply it to the desired area and you are done. All you have to do now is to wait for the first results to show.

The next best way to use rosemary is to add it to your diet. Use fresh leaves and you will not only get all the aforementioned benefits, but you will also decrease the risk of a gout attack. 

It is possible to use supplements to the diet as well. They should be avoided alongside oil if you are pregnant if you have high blood pressure or you suffer from epilepsy. 

Gout and rosemary are definitely linked together to such a level that many of us can use the plant and effectively decrease the gout attack pain or at least decrease the odds for it happening again. 

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