CBD Oil for Gout – Does CBD Help with Gout?

cbd oil for gout

With more and more studies revealing the benefits of CBD (a legal cannabis compound) against inflammation and pains, the effects over gout and arthritis are also being investigated. The CBD has been proven to work wonders against affections like fibromyalgia and different types of cancers, mostly against the pain. It can help against migraines and headaches too, so people inevitably wonder – is CBD oil for gout a good option?

Understanding how gout works

Gout is a type of arthritis. In other words, it is an inflammation that will cause excruciating pains. It is normally caused by high levels of uric acid that cannot be thoroughly eliminated, meaning it builds up around joints – it normally affects feet, but other joints can also be targeted. It causes visible inflammation, stiffness and harsh pains.

The uric acid will crystallize around the joints and feel like glass inside them. Apart from these signs, it will also cause sudden attacks out of nowhere. Certain foods can trigger it within hours only, hence the necessity of a new diet. Symptoms can last anywhere between 12 hours and 10 days. When ignored for too long, gout can become chronic too – hard deposits turn into lumps and can affect the kidney function.

cbd oil

The risk increases with various factors, such as the age. Furthermore, apart from actual medication, sufferers are asked to change their diets and lifestyles. While gout can be extremely painful and will affect your daily activities, there is one good thing about it – it is one of the two different types of arthritis that can actually be healed.

Knowing how gout can affect you, is CBD oil good for gout and the painful sensations associated with it?

CBD oil and gout

CBD has numerous benefits, but most people use it against chronic and acute pains, as well as various types of inflammation. Chronic inflammation and pain could be the cause of metabolic syndromes and they have more other roots. From this point of view, the CBD effects over inflammation will inevitably affect gout too.

Does CBD help with gout?

Research over CBD and arthritis have indicated the benefits of the cannabis compound against the pains associated with arthritis. Since gout is a type of arthritis, the oil will inevitably be handy against it too. Other studies have indicated that apart from relieving pain, CBD will also be handy against nerve damage caused by certain types of arthritis.

There are multiple studies underlining the effects of CBD against arthritis, but nothing too conclusive specifically for gout.

As if all these were not enough, CBD has also been proven to work in weight loss or at least maintaining a healthy weight. Obesity is yet another common cause for gout. The CBD oil for gout will turn white fat into brown fat, which is actually helpful at burning calories. Plus, CBD is great to inhibit the activity of proteins responsible for creating fat cells, which is another positive factor for weight loss.

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How to use CBD oil for gout

There are more ways to use CBD for gout and the oil is one of the best options. It can be administered directly on the affected area, inhaled or kept under the tongue for a few minutes. The topical application has shown great effectiveness in animals.

Since it is topical, it may take longer to get into your body than if you have it under the tongue. But on the same note, pain relief will last longer. You can also opt for healing baths with CBD oil, as well as heat applications, which ensure a faster absorption.


As a short final conclusion, CBD oil for gout is not 100% recommended because many tests are still ongoing. However, CBD has been proven to work against arthritis and gout is a type of arthritis. At the same time, CBD is excellent against all kinds of painful sensations – from acute injuries and cancer related pains to headaches and migraines, meaning it will most likely work against gout pains as well – and according to most patients trying it, it will not let you down.​

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