Curry and Gout – Is Curry Bad for Gout?

curry and gout

If you manage your diet, you can manage your gout. It is simple as that and it works like a miracle. The secret is in eliminating one thing and getting another. You will want to eliminate purines and want to get health-related benefits of that food for gout specifically. For instance, some foods will decrease uric acid level, while others will help fight inflammation.

When it comes to curry and gout, the situation gets interesting. Anyway, you need to keep your eyes on foods that are safe or beneficial for gout and avoid those that are bad for the condition. Anything that can spike uric acid must be eliminated or at least avoided.

Curry: Few things to know

Curry comes from India and it represents all kinds of dishes that are made by mixing herbs and spices. Nowadays, it is very popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, and a few other countries, besides India. The best part is the fact it comes in countless forms!

Curry will help you by protecting you from Alzheimer’s, maintaining the health of your heart, and also boost the immune system. It can also decrease the risk of cancer thanks to cumin. This refers to colon cancer though. Curry also contains garlic that has allicin and it has additional anti-cancer properties. Curry can help you with metabolism and cholesterol as well.

Chicken tikka masala spicy curry meat food and naan bread

Is curry bad for gout?

Curry is beneficial for gout sufferers. This is possible thanks to curcumin, a substance you can find in turmeric. This compound will help you with pain and swelling in the joints. Although this mostly refers to ordinary arthritis, gout is a form of arthritis so similar benefits are reported.

There are no other effects of curry on the condition. It won’t cause side effects or anything similar. Just consume it in moderation, like everything else. Due to its benefits, you should consume it while under a gout flare.

It is important to add that curry and gout are not a generic thing. There are dozens of curry types out there and each one will be different. More precisely, you need curry that contains turmeric. Only then you can expect to get curcumin, the aforementioned substance that is extremely beneficial.

Curry powder is important as well

Curry powder is another food you need to look for. The main benefit is in the curcumin, the compound present in turmeric. It is present in the powder as well and it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

The powder shares almost all kinds of benefits with curry in general and even exceeds them in some situations. You can pick powder or ordinary curry and consume it in moderate and high amounts. Make sure to check the ingredients used in making curry powder.

Curry and gout

Yes, curry and gout are connected and there is a clear link between the two. But, the only benefit actually comes from turmeric so make sure it is a present ingredient to your curry. Without it, you are looking at a neutral food for gout sufferers!

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