Spicy Food and Gout – Is Spicy Food Bad for Gout?

spicy food and gout

There is nothing better than adding spices to your meal. You get better taste, a special one in fact and you enjoy it more. For people without gout, this is a normal story and something that doesn’t raise any questions. For gout sufferers, this is another question that deserves to be answered. Is there a link between spicy food and gout?

Yes, there is a link and we will discuss it in detail below. Before that, we must mention one myth. Some gout patients claim and believe that all spicy food will cause a gout attack instantly and that the pain is intolerable. This almost never happens and you will see why below.

It is important to add that there are countless spices out there so it is impossible to cover all of them. But, some of the most common, popular, and most desirable will definitely be analyzed and explored.

Is spicy food bad for gout?

In a nutshell, spicy food isn’t bad for gout. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but there are far more benefits. Spicy food and gout have a weak connection. In other words, most of the spicy food won’t affect gout in any way. You can consume as much as you like and there won’t be any pain after that.

Hot peppers, turmeric, ginger, and curry can all be consumed. These do not contribute to the gout attack and some can even decrease the uric acid in the body which is interesting. Sadly, there is no a lot of research regarding the topic. There are countless variations as well. Some people react well with all of the aforementioned foods while others don’t get any benefits.

The truth is simple. Spicy food will either be neutral to your gout or it will decrease uric acid. This refers to over 90% of the spicy foods you can consume these days. The bottom line here is that you can consume spicy food and you can enjoy it on a regular basis with a few exceptions.

Chirachi sauce is known to cause gout attacks in some people. Although rare it is something worthy of your attention. Also, keep in mind that if you are allergic to paprika, cayenne pepper, or nitrates, these can contribute to the gout attack as well. Try them in small portions and see what happens.

Importance of cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper has the main role in spicy food and gout topic. It is extremely beneficial and it is something most gout sufferers have been using for years. When consumed, it will lower the uric acid percentage. For that and many other reasons, it has been used for treating gout and other forms of arthritis for decades.

Cayenne pepper also contains capsaicin. When applied topically, it can relieve pain immediately. This is ideal if you want to use it on the affected joint or if you want to treat any other joint pain. Make sure to wash your hands after rubbing the paste (cayenne pepper mixed with vinegar) after you are done. If this paste comes in contact with your eyes, it can cause pain. The paste will stop pain signals from reaching the brain and therefore eliminate them for a short period of time.

Those of you who don’t like making their own remedies can get a crème with the same substance or consume supplements that are available online.

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Cayenne Pepper

Important notes to keep in mind

Spicy food can be consumed if you suffer from gout. You can expect minor benefits or the food will be neutral to your condition. It is extremely rare to get the opposite outcome but it can happen sometimes. That’s why it is essential to consume spicy food in small amounts and monitor the results. If you notice any issues, avoid that food and move to the next one. If you notice improvements, continue with it.

Of them, all cayenne pepper is the best alternative. It is healthy, can help you with pain, and at the same time decrease uric acid level. There are supplements that can do the same thing if you don’t like cayenne pepper. Spicy food and gout do have a connection, but it isn’t deep. It isn’t well-explored either, which can be an issue for some patients. Luckily, you can check out how this food affects your body and enjoy possible benefits.

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