Gout and Cayenne Pepper – Is Cayenne Pepper Good for Gout?

Gout and Cayenne Pepper

Gout is one of the few affections out there that can be partially treated in a natural manner. There is no treatment to get rid of it, but just painkillers. Gout attacks tend to become more and more frequent, but they also cause a lot of pain. Most doctors recommend a healthy weight, exercise and a good diet.

Getting hooked on painkillers was out of the discussion for me. Sure, I had to take some every now and then, as the pains were exquisite. But with time, I realized that a natural approach is the way to go. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there and believe it or not, there is a tight connection between gout and cayenne pepper.

Understanding how natural products work implies understanding what causes gout. This one is easy – too much uric acid in your blood will cause inflammation and pain. Uric acid is mostly caused by purines – available in some fish and fatty meats.

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Is cayenne pepper good for gout?

Cayenne pepper is a top ingredient for those suffering from arthritis and if you think about it, gout is actually a type of arthritis. It is rich in capsaicin – the element responsible for its extreme hotness. The way it works is fairly simple. It is so hot that it will irritate the skin, but it will also numb it.

Pain receptors in the affected area will be dead, so your brain will no longer receive the painful signals. You do not need to get a plain cayenne pepper, but get some powder and mix it yourself with other ingredients, such as apple cider vinegar.

Let me make it clear – cayenne pepper works as a topical treatment. It is used to reduce the intensity and pains associated with a gout attack. It is not as efficient as other natural approaches in preventing these episodes though.

How to apply cayenne pepper for gout

Get a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, mix it with a couple of tablespoons of wintergreen oil and stir for a minute or so. Make sure you come up with a thick paste. Place it on your fingers and rub the affected joint, as well as the surroundings. The pain will be gone within minutes.

Another option involves mixing cayenne pepper with apple cider vinegar – this is one of the most common recommendations out there. You need a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, half a cup of apple cider vinegar and half a cup of water. Apply the mixture on the affected area with a cloth.

You can also warm this topical solution up. It can be stored, so you can use it three or four times a day.

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Can cayenne pepper prevent gout attacks?

Like I said before, there is no evidence that cayenne pepper can prevent gout attacks or reduce their frequency, but it is always worth trying. Occasionally, I apply the above mentioned solutions on affected joints even if I do not experience an attack. They feel rarer these days, so it is worth a shot.

While it is normally recommended as a topical ointment, it is also handy in your diet. Again, there is no evidence regarding its effects, but it is tasty and likely to work. Mix it into your diet, as it might help lowering the levels of uric acid. Furthermore, it has great anti-inflammatory properties.

cayenne pepper

When eating cayenne pepper, mix it with starchy foods. You can also get it as a supplement if you do not like the taste, not to mention tea. It can interact with medications, so double check with your doctor – unless you are only taking painkillers.

Final Conclusion

As a short final conclusion, gout and cayenne pepper represent a popular pair in the medical world today. It is one of the most efficient ways to overcome gout attacks, but also to reduce their intensity. From personal experience, it works from the first application.

I cannot tell whether or not it works in preventing gout attacks though. It feels like it does, but research studies are not really conclusive. I would still bring it on – if there is anything I can do to keep gout under control, I will. Give it a try and let me know your results in the comments section.​

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