Vitamins for Gout – What Vitamins are Good for Gout?

vitamins for gout

A proper level of uric acid is healthy for your body. But, when this acid level is abnormally high, it can become crystals in your joints. It affects your big toes and feet, and that’s why you will feel painful swelling. You may have already consulted a physician for its treatment. However, have you tried out vitamins for gout?

We have discussed this topic in detail to help you in choosing the most effective vitamins to treat your gout conditions.

What vitamins are good for gout?

According to researchers, vitamin C is highly effective in treating a condition like gout.

A daily intake of vitamin C will prevent gout and different types of arthritis. This vitamin also has the potential to fight against colds.

Some scientific studies have revealed that men who regularly consume vitamin C supplements have a lower chance of developing gout and other painful conditions. This vitamin works for gout by reducing the uric acid level in your blood.

The uric acid buildups can result in crystal formation in your joints. In due course, you have inflammation, swelling, and pain, and these symptoms indicate a gout attack in your joint.

You must take more than 500 mg of vitamin C every day to find the result.

Can vitamin D help in curing and preventing gout?

Scientific studies have revealed that vitamin D is good for your joint health. That is why it can reduce the risk of rheumatologic issues like gout. Some research works have revealed that a lower percentage of vitamin D in the blood can cause osteoarthritis. Moreover, deficiency of vitamins can result in rheumatoid arthritis. Thus, there is also a relationship between vitamin D and gout.

Although some foods have vitamin D, it is not easy to obtain it from your daily diet. Fatty fish, including tuna, salmon, and mackerel, have vitamin D. However, the mercury content in them is not safe. Thus, contact with sunrays can be the best alternative to build up vitamin D in your body. There are also vitamin D supplements available in the market. Some multivitamins also have vitamin D3, which is effective for treating gout.

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Foods that contain a high amount of vitamins

  1. Kakadu plum – This superfood contains a higher amount of vitamin C compared to oranges. But, it is not easy to avail of this plum.
  2. Acerola cherries – Red acerola cherries contain a considerable amount of vitamin C. The best fact is that it has cancer-fighting properties and saves your skin from damage. You may also drink cherry juice to cure gout.
  3. Rose hips – These are sweet and tangy fruits loaded with a high amount of vitamin C, which is essential to prevent any type of inflammation.
  4. Guavas -The tropical fruit is highly nutritional, and a single piece has 126 mg of vitamin C. The antioxidant lycopene is present in guavas to reduce the symptoms of gout. You will get several other health benefits from consuming guavas every day. For instance, you can maintain cholesterol levels with the consumption of guava.
  5. Thyme – You can add fresh thyme to your diet. The concentration of vitamin C is very high in culinary herbs like thyme. Thyme is effective in strengthening immunity and fighting against infections.  
  6. Kale – A cup of chopped kale contains 80mg of vitamin C. Moreover, this vegetable is also a good source of vitamin K. However, cooking can decrease the level of vitamin C. You can have kale boiled and fried. It releases a high level of antioxidants. You can avoid chronic inflammatory disorders with this vitamin. (Kale and Gout – Is Kale Good For Gout?)

Minerals good for alleviating your gout symptoms

Zinc oxide nanoparticles have the potential to reduce oxidative stress. It is also useful for treating gouty arthritis. Moreover, magnesium is another element for lowering the amount of uric acid. Almonds, kale, mustard greens, and several other foods contain magnesium. Thus, choose the right foods, which contain gout-friendly minerals.

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Medications are not good for gout patients

Thiazide diuretics can result in gout, as they can interfere with uric acid elimination from the body. Thiazide diuretics can lower the water content in your body, and the low fluid percentage in your body will result in reduced blood pressure. Patients who regularly take diuretics may have dehydration, and their body retains a higher amount of uric acid.

Salicylates are non-steroidal drugs for relieving pain. Salicylates like aspirin will result in gout. They also prevent the flow of uric acid from your body. Those having gout symptoms must avoid taking salicylates as painkillers.


You have now identified the best vitamins for gout. Include the best vitamins and minerals in your diet and keep your joints healthy. These vitamins will also control the uric acid level, and therefore you can avoid gout and other arthritis problems.​

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