Gout And Fermented Foods – Will Fermented Foods Trigger Gout?

fermented foods and gout

These days it is easier than ever before to find a proper and suitable diet to manage gout. I have been working on several, simple diets with massive success rate and they almost always have been successful.

There is a dark side of the story. Some foods that are easy to find and may look like impressive choices should be avoided. For example, organ meat is one of those foods and the list can be extremely long.

Today I am more interested in explaining the connection between gout and fermented foods. This is a massive topic and I will need plenty of time, so let’s start.

What are fermented foods?

Fermented foods are all the foods that are designed to have a long shelf life as possible. They manage to do this by using microorganisms, such as bacteria, alcohol, yeast or even sugar.

Probably the most commonly used bacteria for this purpose is lactobacilli. It is used to convert the sugars and also starches from the food into lactic acid. This is also the main reason why fermented food has distinguished taste and aroma.

You may believe that only pickles are ferment food you eat. However, the actual list contains, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, miso, tempeh, kimchi, cheese, and many others. Some of these contain more bacteria and can last longer, while others contain fewer bacteria.

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One, common thing almost all fermented foods do have is probiotics. These are compounds that will help your gut develop more ‘’good’’ bacteria and therefore help your immune system, make sure your digestive system works as it should and also help you with gout.

Probiotics are powerful that they can kill bad bacteria in the gut and they can promote healthy nutrition and nutrient absorption. The bad bacteria I have mentioned can cause diarrhea, Crohn’s, bladder cancer, UTI, IBS.

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fermented foods

Will fermented foods trigger gout?

Good news. Fermented foods have a positive effect on gout. The main reason for that is probiotics. They do affect purines in the body and they help you with the uric acid levels indirectly. This was proved in a study conducted by Chandan Prasad.

I must add that not all fermented food is good for gout. Some of them claim to have probiotics while actually, they do not contain them. This is the most common issue with yogurt. Most companies claim that they have included probiotics inside, but they only add artificial sugars.

Make sure to read the label and make sure that it matches the front label of the yogurt. Companies cannot lie in the back label section but they can on the front, as a part of an advertisement.

Dairy, in general, is a helpful part of the gout and fermented foods link. The milk can cause a process called the uricosuric effect. When that happens, uric acid will be removed from the body in larger amounts. Some medications you may take for managing gout do the same thing.

Another ingredient from fermented foods is apple cider vinegar. It helps us by decreasing the number of uric acid crystals inside the joints. You can use it on salads as dressing or you can use it directly.

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How to take fermented foods into your advantage

All I can add here is that you can consume fermented foods and yes, they will help you. Of course, you should eat them in normal amounts. They do not have all the nutrients we need so they cannot replace other foods we must consume!

If you want only the best, you can make fermented foods at home. For instance, you can make yogurt, pickles, Sauerkraut, peach vinegar and many more. The process is simple and you will need no more than 10 minutes!

Last but not least, fermented foods that contain apple cider vinegar are excellent. Add them with foods that contain probiotics and you will notice a difference within days.

Today we learned that there is a positive link between gout and fermented foods and yes, all gout sufferers can use this type of food to their advantage. To get the most, pay close attention to the probiotics and are they really present inside the food or make your own probiotic-powered food.

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