Pickles and Gout – Eat Or Avoid?

pickles and gout

I have been testing and analyzing various foods and beverages for ages due to one purpose only. How they affect gout and are there positive or negative links between the two. I have discovered many wonderful things and facts.

Surprisingly, some foods that should be very beneficial for gout sufferers are far from that. On the other hand, others that look like bad choices are very important and helpful.

Today, I will present you the link between gout and pickles. There are a lot of interesting things to know and I will try to give you only the most important facts. Yes, you will also get the answer, can you consume pickles if you suffer from gout.

Are pickles fermented food?

Before I start talking about the real link between gout and pickles and all the rest, I must reveal that pickles are a type of fermented food. First of all, fermented foods use bacteria, alcohol, or sugar to stay in edible condition as much as possible.

In most situations, we can see bacteria and it is always a good type of bacteria such as lactobacilli. You should remember this name. I will reveal why later on.

Pickles are also a type of fermented foods, but they don’t use bacteria to stay preserved but rather a type of acid. You can see lemon juice, vinegar, or anything similar used today. Regardless of which type or brand name of pickles do you use, all of them are a type of fermented foods.

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The link between gout and pickles

Yes, gout and pickles are connected and there are a few things you need to know. First of all, this is a low-purine type of food and as such, it is beneficial for you. It won’t trigger a gout attack and it won’t spike the uric acid level.

This also means that you can consume pickles on a daily basis. They are harmless and they are delicious which are the two most important things. There is no need to limit the pickles intake in any way. Eat as much as you like.

One of the best bacteria that is commonly found in fermented foods is lactobacilli and I have mentioned it earlier. It turns the sugars and also starches into lactic acid.

Other types of bacteria found in fermented foods are probiotics and the link with gout has been revealed. They also affect the immune system and how the purines are absorbed and they can help you. In simple words, probiotics are beneficial for all gout sufferers.

These probiotics are so beneficial and so important that they are much better and more recommended than probiotics found in capsule sand tablets. All scientists and doctors will tell you the same thing.

Overall, pickles can be used to promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. It can be used to boost your immune system and also to manage the purine absorption better.

As you can see, gout and pickles can coexist in a beautiful manner and there are no issues or problems you have to worry about.


Should you consume pickles on a daily basis if you have gout?

The fast answer is yes, you should. There is only one thing you need to be aware of. Some manufacturers will claim that their product has probiotic properties, but it won’t. Those foods should be avoided. The situation is the same with pickles you can see in some grocery stores.

If you consume those pickles, you won’t get any positive sides and you may even trigger a gout attack. If you consume the ones that are loaded with probiotics and come with excellent ingredients. you will be able to keep uric acid level under control.

The bottom line here is that gout and pickles are connected and you can eat this food in order to manage the uric acid level. They won’t trigger any attack and you will feel better and your gut will work more efficiently. The only thing to remember is that all of this is possible thanks to probiotics and you need them in your pickles. Find a premium manufacturer and consume their pickles only. You can eat them daily or weekly but try not to overeat them. This is important for any type of food when you have gout.

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