Relation Between Cheese And Gout (You Will Be Surprised!)

By | June 20, 2018

cheese and goutI know that most gout sufferers like dairy products and most of them like cheese. But, is this food that can be consumed freely or there are some issues when gout and cheese are linked? Cheese and gout correlation will be the main topic here and I will try to give you the most detailed answer possible.

Can gout sufferers consume cheese and will it protect you from gout development?

Here I have good news. Yes, cheese is a desirable food to consume if you are a gout sufferer. There is a special chemical that is present in milk and therefore in cheese called orotic. What it does is help your body remove the high levels of uric acid. The link has been discovered between orotic and the kidney function. In the lack of a better word, this chemical will improve the overall efficiency of the kidneys.

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If you don’t have gout, but you have high odds to develop it, cheese is once again a great food to consume. This food will help you prevent gout development! As such, it is the highly popular type of food consumed by gout community and also highly recommended by experts to all of those who want to prevent gout. As a year-long gout sufferer, I must tell you that prevention is the best remedy here!cheese

Research that proves the claim

I must justify my claims, so I did a proper research and discovered a lot of studies and researches regarding the matter. The most interesting of them all is a study that was conducted in 2011. It was based on medical personnel and they discovered that low-fat dairy products are the most beneficial. They actually decrease the risk of developing gout. However, dairy products that are rich in fat are neutral regarding the matter. They are not linked with the increase or decrease of the risk of developing gout.

Probably even more important study for all of us is the one conducted in 2012. It involved 120 gout sufferers who have been suffering from gout flares, regular ones! They divided the participants into three groups. The first one got lactose powder, the second group got milk powder (skim) and the third obtained something similar. They were given the skim milk powder but enhances with the glycomacropeptide and milk fat extract known as G600.

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The researchers monitored the results in the patients for three months. What they discovered that people from the third group experienced far more benefits that people from first two groups. These improvements were related to the decrease of gout flares, decreased levels of uric acid and improved joint stiffness. The result of the study was positive and the researchers deduced that milk and cheese actually help with the gout protection and by reducing the risk of a gout flare.

I will have to point out that all of this refers to the cow’s milk and cheese made of it. On the other hand, people who consume soya milk must be careful. It doesn’t decrease the risk of gout, but actually increases it!soya milk not good for gout

Cheese can decrease the risk of gout by 40%

The bottom line to remember is that cheese can decrease the gout development by 40%. Once again I discovered a study that was conducted in the United States and it involved 15.000 people. Those who drank milk and consumed cheese for 6 years period, had a massive decrease of risk development by 40%.

It is important to remember that frequent consuming can make the risk of gout so much lower. If you are one of those people who consume milk or cheese every now and then, won’t get the mentioned benefit. Keep in mind that the risk decrease is associated with the lower level of uric acid in the body. Decreasing this acid will decrease the risk of gout as well.

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The final word

Cheese and gout should be used in the same sentence and they definitely should be used in the same life. Cheese and low-fat dairy products are more than just great to mix and match and you can get the most impressive gout development decrease of 40%. There are no side effects whatsoever. Be free to post a comment and I will reply as soon as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Relation Between Cheese And Gout (You Will Be Surprised!)

  1. Antonio Rebelo

    Hello Mr Sivak, trust you to be fine. I just recovered from a bout of gout that lasted three months. I heve been research and perhaps having come across your page is the best thing that happened so far towards getting proper knowledge about this hell of a disease. I live in Angola/ Africa and most local doctors are not specialists in this field, unfortunately. I had bad habits like drinking too mch and enjoying barbecues loaded with protein foods. I gave all of that up now and become a vegetarian (almost). Sir, actually I want to know how pure honey affects gout. I used to consume lots of it almost dayly but stopped now since I found out about frutose being also incovenient for gout sufferers. I antecipate my gratitude for your assistance and please bear with me in the future as I wish very much to dominate this bad disease. Thank you Mr Sivak, may God bless you for sharing your wonderful work with strangers. Thank you Sir.
    Respectful yours – Tony Rebelo

    1. Richard Post author

      Hello Tony. Thank you for your kind words! I am glad that your gout attack is over. Honey is actually the best sweetener for gout patients, however you should avoid pasteurized honey which has high glycemic index. You should try honey mixed with cinnamon, more regarding honey and gout can be found here –


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