Gout and Basil – Is Basil Good for Gout?

gout and basil

Known as a variety of arthritis and mostly affecting older people, gout can hit when least expected and is often caused by too much accumulation of uric acid inside the joints. The disease cannot really be healed. However, there are lots of natural options to reduce the formation of uric acid.

Simply put, you have to target the cause of the affection. At the same time, doctors can prescribe painkillers to deal with the unexpected gout attacks, which will cause inflammation, pains and even redness. There were times when even a sheet of paper felt heavy and uncomfortable on my toes.

I am not a big fan of drugs – I do keep painkillers around just in case, but I try to avoid them. Therefore, I decided to try a natural approach and work on the cause of gout. Let me mention that I used to have a gout attack pretty much everyday. I needed to lay down, relax, get painkillers and apply some topical cream.

When looking for natural options, I found a few studies related to gout and basil. I thought – why not? I love basil, it can go in most foods out there and if it can help with my problem, even better. So said, so done… I did some research and this is how it worked out.

Nutritive information of basil

Basil is mostly used in the Mediterranean cuisine. It used to be a noble herb in ancient Greece. These days, it is popular in plenty of dishes, whether it comes to plain salads or more sophisticated meals. You can use and have basil in a few different ways. It can be found as dried leaves, paste, oil or fresh.

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Basil tends to release a great aroma. The more you cook it, the more aroma it releases. There are dozens of varieties of it. I will be honest with you – I did not bother going into small details. I just used whatever I could find around.

The herb is rich in vitamins A and K, but it also has plenty of vitamin C. Other than that, it has minerals like calcium, copper, iron and manganese. Most of these things are helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and battling gout.

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Is basil good for gout?

Basil is most commonly used with medicinal purposes as an anti-depressant. It can clear acne, fever, parasites, bronchitis, cough and others. On the other hand, it is just as handy to stimulate your kidneys. In the long run, it will lower the levels of uric acid, relieving pain in gout and arthritis patients.

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Basil is rich in more oils and one of its components stands out – eugenol. Eugenol blocks the activity of COX – an enzyme responsible for gout. Plenty of medications are based on it, from ibuprofen to NSAIDs. The good news is taking it from basil implies taking it in a natural way, with no side effects.

Eugenol is an anti-inflammatory component. It lowers the uric acid and reduces the intensity of gout attacks. It is also rich in BCP, which is believed to help against gout. It blocks the painful signals sent to your brain when you experience a gout attack.

I never really had basil, but I brought it in as a treatment and like I said, I am loving it now. Not only is it flavorful and tasty, but my gout attacks have reduced now. Furthermore, I rarely need painkillers – I can usually overcome the mild attacks by resting for an hour or two.

How to use basil for gout

The connection between gout and basil gives you plenty of options. For example, I eat lots of wholewheat pasta – basil always goes on top of the tomato sauce. Throw in a bit of olive oil too (also known to help against gout) and you got yourself a great meal.

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tomato pasta with basil

Get fresh basil leaves or dried leaves and throw them in your foods, salads, meals and so on. Get pesto sauce too, as it is rich in basil.

Bottom line, gout and basil will work one against the other, which is great for sufferers. It is not a treatment. It is not a wonder supplement, but it will most likely help, especially if mixed with other natural foods that work against gout. Let me know how it works for you in the comments section.​

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