Alfalfa And Gout – Is Alfalfa Good For Gout?

Alfalfa and gout

Alfalfa is a plant that literally means “father of all foods” in Arabic. It has been used since 500 BC in Asia and Arabia and it is one of the most popular and the best natural remedies ever. Even today it is used in modern medicine and by people who want to get plenty of health improvements. This plant was native to Asia, but now we can see it in Mediterranean area and in the United States. As a matter of fact, the United States is the biggest manufacturer of this plant. Alfalfa and gout have been linked in several surveys and I will explain all of them.

Benefits of alfalfa

Every single part of the plant can be consumed. This refers to leaves, flowers, sprouts, tops, and seeds. Flowers are the most appealing for us, due to the fact they can be used to treat gout. Then we can see seeds, which are effective in battling hangover and stomach pain. Leaves are also used for gout but they are mostly used as an addition to salads and dressings. In addition, roots are great for improving the urine flow and they have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries precisely for this reason.

Other benefits of alfalfa include help to the kidneys, liver, stomach, and bladder. Basically, this plant offers so many benefits that I can’t list all of them. It is important to remember that there are no side effects. You are free to consume this plant as often and as much as you want and there won’t be any side effects. All you can get are the benefits.

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Is alfalfa good for gout?

Yes, this plant can be mixed and used by gout sufferers. It is just loaded in potassium a magnesium. When it comes to vitamins, it is loaded as well. I know that alfalfa offers vitamins, A, B1, B6, B12, K, J, E, and C. Once again, I must point out that the unique combination of the nutrients and vitamins do affect the uric acid levels.

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There are several studies conducted in different parts of the world. What they discovered is that alfalfa does decrease the levels of uric acid. The first couple of studies were conducted on animals and the results were positive. However, the last one was conducted with people and it was positive as well. The truth is, alfalfa does decrease the level of uric acid and it does nothing that you will try to avoid.

The aforementioned studies have been involved with alfalfa supplements. They are available in the form of pills and they are easy to get. You can benefit from them and there won’t be any complications. These supplements are safe and reliable and they offer all the benefits I have listed above.

An important thing to remember as well is that alfalfa isn’t a cure for gout. It will only decrease the level of uric acid, won’t stop a gout attack or prevent it. If you are already on therapy for gout, make sure you stay on it and there won’t be any problems.

Make sure to have a consultation with your doctor

Alfalfa isn’t dangerous in any way nor does it contain ingredients that may harm your health. But, when consumed alongside other medications, some side effects are possible. That’s why I wanted to use this opportunity to tell you that a consultation with a doctor is more than just recommended.


In most case scenarios, it will be harmless, but just don’t take a risk without any need. I personally like this plant in my sandwiches but you can use it in any other way and it will still offer you the mentioned benefits.

The final word

Alfalfa and gout come in the interesting link. The plant may be less-known than some of you may believe, but it is still one of the most beneficial ingredients to consume daily. All you have to know is that it is harmless for gout sufferers, it will decrease the level of uric acid and yes, you should have a consolation with a doctor before you start consuming it. For more, just leave a comment below.

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