Folic Acid and Gout – Is Folic acid Bad for Gout?

folic acid and gout

No matter how painful and distressful gout is, there is one good thing about it – it represents one of the two types of arthritis that can actually be healed. While it may occur later on, a few changes can seriously keep it away for the rest of your life. Drugs are normally recommended in the early stage, especially if the pains are too intense.

Other than that, treating gout implies working on the causes. While drugs usually target the effect – the painful sensations, the naturist approach will work on the natural causes of the affection, making the process more efficient in the long run. Most changes have something to do with your diet, yet a few supplements are just as handy. So, is folic acid for gout worth your attention?

Contradictory test results over the past years

Gout is caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the blood. Later on, it gets stuck in the joints and it crystallizes, causing those shard sensations that prevent you from walking or moving around. High levels of uric acid have a few causes. One of them involves an excessive production of it, while the other one refers to the body’s incapability to excrete the waste in an efficient manner. This is when gout kicks in.

Folic acid and gout

Specific tests over the effect of folic acid for gout are not too encouraging. In fact, many recent tests show that there are no connections between the two. Practically, it was not proven that folic acid for gout may actually have an effect. In fact, scientists have failed to find any conclusive connections, so the folic acid is not necessarily recommended by the medical world.

Patients’ recommendations regarding folic acid

From a medical point of view, a doctor may not be able to make this recommendation. But then, there are hundreds of stories from patients ameliorating gout with folic acid. There are cases where patients test their uric acid levels after using folic acid for a few weeks, only to realize that uric acid is in normal amounts.

Is folic acid bad for gout?

Folic acid is a healthy supplement. Taken correctly, it will bring in a wide variety of benefits and no side effects. It will not affect gout in a negative manner, yet there are numerous reports of beneficial properties. From this point of view, some doctors will go as far as recommending it.

Folic acid was proven to inhibit xanthine oxidase. The research is not fully conclusive, but gout patients have shown some improvement with a daily dose of 10mg to 40mg. But since tests are not full, the supplement should be taken under a doctor’s supervision – unless you get one of those supplements that do not require a prescription.

There are no conclusive studies regarding folic acid for gout, but more and more people report excellent results after taking it against gout. Based on nothing but medical research, some doctors would say that other changes might have been responsible for these effects. For example, if you have just been diagnosed with gout, chances are you will make some changes in your diet too. Some of these changes could be responsible for the gout amelioration.

You probably ask yourself now – what do you have to lose if you try folic acid for gout? Nothing, but an opportunity. It might work. The vitamin is found in many supplements and it helps the body create new red blood cells. It can work against anemia and help pregnant women provide enough nutrients to their unborn babies.

folic acid supplement


As a short final conclusion, there are no conclusive and proper results regarding folic acid for gout. Many doctors are confused though. Based on research, they should not recommend the vitamin to their patients. But then, more and more patients report excellent results.

For this reason, folic acid is often recommended as a supplement – apart from adopting a healthy diet. There is not much to lose if you start taking it, but you might have a chance to bring the uric acid levels back to normal, so it is totally worth a try.

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