Tofu and Gout – Is Tofu Bad for Gout?

tofu and gout

I have been searching the globe for all possible, known, rare, and potential gout remedies. I was lucky to find plenty of great foods that have a positive effect by decreasing uric acid, helping with inflammation.

You must understand that with a careful and dedicated diet, you can successfully manage this condition and protect yourself from a new flare. Eating anything you can find and not paying attention to what I have said, will result in the opposite.

One new link I have recently discovered is the connection between tofu and gout. Yes, this food may sound like sushi but it is far from that. Today, I will try to explain the connection to the tiniest detail.

What is tofu?

Tofu comes from soy. The fresh soya milk is extracted and after that cold-pressed into small blocks. When it is perfectly cool, you can eat it. The food has been commonly used in Chinese and Thai cuisines for centuries. As a matter of fact, it was used there for over 2000 years.

This dish was discovered accidentally by a cook from China who cooked soy milk. It became popular soon after that and reached Japan by the 8th century. In the 60s, tofu reached the United States and other parts of the globe.

An interesting fact is that tofu can be cooked. When cooked, it gets soft or smooth or even crunchy. It all depends on how it is prepared. This means that tofu can be used for a variety of different meals.

When it comes to nutrients, tofu is loaded with them. We can see 9 amino acids (all of them more precisely), we can see a high level of protein and we can also see vitamin B1, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, and calcium.

Benefits are multiple. Tofu can protect you from osteoporosis, cancer, help you with menopause, and prevent age-related brain issues and help with liver damage. It can boost the health of cardiovascular system and kidney stones.

So far so good and it looks like tofu and gout can be more than just important in the equation.


Tofu and gout – the link

There is a clear link between tofu and gout. According to one study, tofu contains ingredients that affect the plasma concentration and clearance of uric acid. But, it also promotes excretion of the acid. The study tested 8 healthy people without gout and 10 who have been suffering from gout.

Is tofu bad for gout?

Tofu is beneficial for gout suffers and it should be consumed due to high protein levels. It won’t cause any risk nor will it promote a new flare. The best part is the fact you can consume as much as you want.

Tofu also prevents or better said helps you with kidney function. This is important for all gout sufferers because a better function can promote the excretion of uric acid. It is also known that gout sufferers are at a higher risk of decreased kidney function.

This is basically the complete link between tofu and gout. There are no other links or connections, direct or indirect. The bottom line is that tofu can be consumed and there are no additional points you need to know.

How to consume tofu?

The best part is that you can consume tofu as much as you like, in any form. It can be seen in various meals such as cooked dishes, salads and so much more. There is no issue and you can eat all types.

Make sure that when consuming a meal containing various ingredients, all ingredients are low on purines and none of them can contribute to the gout flare!

I must add that soy sauce is bad for gout and therefore, it must be avoided. Although average with purines, there is too much of hypoxanthine, a single purine that is problematic when mixed with gout.

All I can add at this point is that tofu and gout are connected in a pleasant way. You can consume tofu in unlimited amounts and you can enjoy this meal all day long. If possible, use tofu as one of the main protein sources in your diet.

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